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Creating Trends for Summer (going to Fall) is really fun! I love to see different styles on street fashion… normal women just like you and me could be wearing all those trends already… what we see around us today could bring a new trend setting for this coming season. Let us see what is in for this moment!

1. Belted with Bold Colors: Belted dress is everywhere… and now we are seeing bold colors on belts! It is fun, it is interesting. You can mix and match with all kinds colors. And yes!, you can find those belts everywhere at every price… chose for your own preferences. Let’s have fun with it.



2. White Capris : Capri pants are really comfortable. I love capris because I don’t worry about dragging my pants on the floor, getting dirts on the rims like normal pants. It is so appropriate to wear on any casual days… well, you can dress it up and go out at night too. White color is so easy to mix and match with your tops. They look bright and classy… staple pieces for your wardrobe!



3. Ruffles: Whether they are on skirts or dress, ruffles are really in. They can hide your access weight on your stomach… just look for the right color for you. Not to mention how comfortable they are, ruffles make you look relaxed and fun. They could be worn for day or night events. Love them!



4. One-Shoulder Dresses: They are very chic, trendy and flirty. One-shoulder dress is another staple pieces that you may want to have in your closet. I like it that it does keep your cleavage inside but your still show a bit of skin out there. It will make you look dressy in a sudden, whether you want to wear during the day or evening.


Protect your eyes under the sun, ladies! Sunglasses are your accessories all year round, whether it is Summer or Winter. We just cannot avoid UV ray in daily life. It could be harmful if your eyes stay under direct sun light. Before making a purchase, you need to check if they are UV 100% protection. And beside the protection, styles are what we look for. Here are some trends that you will be seeing through out the year 2010. Which style is your favorite?

1. Aviator : They are very classic, unisex style. I love that people can wear without worrying if they would go with the outfits. Mostly this style can go with everything.

2. 50’s Cat Eye : A retro looks would not hurt, if you want something classy and chic. They would be more appropriate for women rather than men. We see them all over old films; Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Sofia Lauren, etc. Let’s have fun with 50’s glamors.

3. Oversized Sunglasses : They are really in… Hollywood Celebrities style is such a big trend. Many major brands brought the price down for everyone to reach. Search around at your local outlets today.

4. Round Shape : Another celeb look… well, we can pull it off too, can’t we?

5. Wayfarer : A very classic style, we just love to go for it. They fit for every age group… easy to wear and they go with all kinds of accessories you have.

6. Two-Tone : This trend is getting bigger and bigger. The shades are made with 2 colors, top & bottom… they make your face look softer and brighter… perfect for Summer look.

7. Animal Print : looking for fun print? here they are… animal prints on your sunglasses can create such a great look. They are flirty and trendy. Major designer brands came out with all kinds of animal print collections.