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Milan Fashion Week had ended and now Paris Fashion Week has started… I’m so in love with many French Designs and perfumes… One of my favorites is “Chanel No.5”.

It has such a classic and beautiful scent. Nobody can deny that this is one of the best selling perfumes in the world.

Chanel No.5 was introduced first time at Christmas in 1921. And it has been available for sales since mid 1922. Thanks to the legendary, Parisian couturier, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. A person behind the formula and invention was Earnest Beaux… He gathered and collected few pieces of scents and delicately mixed …it finally became “Chanel No.5”.

In 1953, Marilyn Monroe was asked what she wore at night… she simply replied “five drops of Chanel No.5”.

Feel so privileged to own one… simple, yet very classy…



A beautiful scent of fragrance can really build up your moods and emotions entirely. We, ladies, love to possess amazing products, whether they are perfumes or body sprays. They last quite a long time, and you really get a high price paid off for many special occasions. Colors of the fragrance could be divided. It depends on what you prefer to. Let’s have a look for what is interesting, and let’s enjoy wonderful scents for this season.

Pink Romantic

1. Dolce&Gabbana – Rose the One : A lovely rose and slight vanilla smell will give you a wonderful fresh scent your the entire body.  The package is very elegant, comes with a gold cap, 30 ml.

2.Lancôme – Trésor in Love : The classic perfume from Lancome Paris will not disappoint you. Trésor has been in the market forever and it is still maintaining a favorite product of all times for many women. It comes with a tall glass with a tiny black rose on the top, 30 ml.

3. Jean Paul Gualtier – Classique X : It is so edgy. The scent is amazing. Beside being a famous designer, Jean Paul Gualtier created an astonishing fragrance line. The look is young and modern, a glass bottle was shaped with a female body with a charm “X” tied to the cap. It is EdT – Eau de Toilette, 50 ml.



Timeless Gold

1. Gucci – Flora by Gucci : It is a scent of florals, wonderful rose and peony smell. It lasts quite a long time by just spraying a tiny amount on your body. The elegant bottle from Gucci comes with a gold cap and black ribbon, EdP, 50 ml.

2. Armani – Idole d’Armani : It gives an exotic smell. The scent is amazing, not to light, not too strong. It is just perfect for a night out, special events. Armani loves to give us staple and timeless products. Beside fragrance lines, make-up is now available in the market with great reputation. It comes with a circle shape bottle, EdP, 30 ml.

3. Viktor&Roft – Eau Mega : It is wonderful mix of herb and fruit ingredients: basil, pear, cedar tree, etc. You cannot believe that it turns out to be an amazing scent, exotic… yet elegant. The bottle has a hard signature tag  “V&R”, unique design, EdP, 30 ml.

4. Chloé – by Chloé EdP Spray : The scent is a mix of rose and freesia. It is a modern women collection, stylish and trendy. Many described as a fragrance for a city girl. The bottle has an engraved signature on with gold ribbon tied to the top, EdP, 50 ml.



Refreshing Green

1. BVLGARI – Omnia Green Jade : It is a summery and fruity scent: mandarin, citrus, pistachio. You feel so refreshed by the smell. It is wonderfully design. A bottle shape looks like a chain of 2 circles. Bvlgari, as we all know, is famous for their jewelery line. That’s why, we will see many more amazing shapes for the fragrance products also. It is EdT, 25 ml.

2. Prada – Infusion d’Iris : It gives an amazing fresh smell like iris flowers, as the name. The bottle is simple and classic, with a metal tag engraved “Prada Milano dal 1913”. The Milanese should be proud of this brand. It is so feminine, so classic, yet so fashionable at all senses. It is EdP, 50 ml.

3. Versace – Versense : It is described as a scent of Mediterranean… exotic, refreshing and very unique. The bottle design is a bit edgy, but that is what Versace signature line is all about. Ms. Donatella Versace is the queen of Versace Empire. She always presents us amazing products every year. I can’t help to keep up with what is coming up next. Versense is EdT, 30 ml.