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At first I was turned off by the chunky glitters that contain in those products. They looked a bit scary, or maybe I am not a big fan of glittery make-up look. But I eventually found the way to work with them, they are good for highlighting, especially on your brow bones and cheek bones.

Nars - Midsummer Dream Set

Products in this set are;
– 0.35 oz Hungry Heart Blush Duo
– 0.14 oz Orgasm Multiple
-0.25 oz Adelita Nail Polish

Nars - Hungry Heart Blush Duo

All of them contain glitters… but they are not too intense. I think the best way for applying “Hungry Heart Blush Duo” is using a duo fiber brush (MAC 188, or MAC 187). You can build it up as you like, in this way you would be sure that your face will not padded with too much glitter. The colors look beautiful, I have to admit, even though you can obviously see sparkling particles… still look classy.

Nars - Orgasm Multiple Stick

About “Orgasm Multiple”, a stick is very easy to use and take with you in a travel bag. The color is similar or Orgasm Blush but this multiple stick contains glitter particles. You only need a tiny bit on your cheek for highlight. I don’t know if it works as a blush, for me it does NOT. The color doesn’t show up as I want them to… I have quite a fair skin. For darker skins, it would disappear. I recommend to use it as a highlight… great for Summer because the staying power is very long. It does brighten up my complexion a little also.

Nars - Adelita Nail Polish

“Adelita Nail Polish” is very beautiful color. Again, it has glitters in it. I suggest you to paint your nail first with CLEAR nail polish before putting this one on. The purpose is to make it easy when you want to remove. Every nail polish with glitters is quite a pain, difficult to remove. The glitters would stay on, you need to rub them off for several time. A quick fix would be applying a clear polish before a glitter one. It works, you will find it so much easier to remove.

For those who love glitters… this set would be a great treat — the quality is high. Well, Nars does not disappoint us. We all know about a good reputation of their products. It also would make a great gift set, perfect for sparkling look.


Lip glosses are great! For me, it is one of the make-up products that I always keep it in my purse. Every 3-6 months, we really have to toss some of them away (for sanitary reason). Therefore, finding a replacement is so much fun. Are you looking for new lip glosses right now? Here are some interesting pieces you may want to try.

Estée Lauder – Pure Color Gloss – Mod Poppy

It is a long lasting, non-sticky and rich in texture lip gloss. That’s why many women love it. There are several colors and shades for you to choose. The color really pays off when you apply. It will give a soft, yet sophisticated look, just perfect for every season.



Yves Saint Laurent – Golden Gloss – Golden Carnation

It gives you a glow on your lips, they will look full and plumped. It is not a lip plumper but the texture and shimmers in the product will create an effect of shine. The texture is light and smooth. You will feel great applying and the lasting power is decently long. This is one of the best sellers around the world. Give yourself a treat of luxury! (It contains 0.2% of 24 carats gold)



Revlon – Super Lustrous Lip Gloss – Pink Persuit

This lip gloss is for a good cause, 10% of sales will go to a foundation research to fight breast cancer. Beside that, this is a very affordable product. The formulation is rich, smooth and creamy.  The texture is so glossy and shine. It is a long lasting lip gloss that you will love.



Nars – Lip Gloss – Tempest

Nars describes as a warm rose shade. Well, it is. The color is beautiful and the texture is very shiny. You can feel the smoothness when applying. The lasting power is quite decent. This color can go with almost every skin tone. The color is well paid off. It is perfect for a soft and sophisticated look.



MAC – To the beach tinted lip glass – Splashing

This collection is going strong. Tinted lip glass from MAC is one of the most popular products out there. Regarding to the shade Splashing, it makes us want to try because it is so sheer and so shine. The color is very beautiful. The texture is amazing. It is a bit sticky but that helps the product to last longer on your lips.