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I had been looking for someting fun, some animation movie to see this Fall “Megamind”… Wow, this one really cought my attention.
Check the casts: Will Farrell, Brad Pitt and Tina Fey. The group sounds amazing!
Spoiler: The villian “Megamind” had fought and conquered his long time rival, Metro Man. But he later found his life empty without any enemy to fight… there is a love interest in between, a beautiful young lady (Tina Fey). What would he do? What to deal with her? and what about his old nemesis, Metro Man?
Let’s check out the trailer!

This evening I was in a mood of looking for new and interesting movies coming up this year. While browsing the internet, this movie popped up “Red” … uhmmm… checked the casts; here they are – Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Mary-Louise Parker… awesome! (well, don’t really know but just by looking at the casts, it should tell something, doesn’t it?)

Spoiler: There was a group of ex-CIA… dealing with adjusting to their retirements… the thing was the secret they knew made them a target of their own agency. They were framed for assassination… No way, they weren’t  going to let it happen. They formed a team and used everything they knew to protect themselves and tried to go the CIA headquarter to expose the real bad guy behind this… it will be comedy, action and a lot of action comedy!!! Haha…

Can’t wait to see, I really think it’ll be hilarious! Check out the trailer…