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Living in Milan, I am seeing Panettone everywhere during this time of the year. Yes, it is getting close to Christmas. Panettone is considered as festive bread, eaten during Christmas Season. The shape is described as a big “cupcake”, but the texture is bread, not cake at all.

Panettone has an origin from Milan, Italy. The Milanese locals would call it “Panaton”. It is bread baked with raisins and orange peels, finely chopped. Traditionally it is served after Christmas dinner, a slice of Panettone and a glass of sparkling white wine would finish the meal… It is considered as a celebration for Christmas. Cheers!

You can have it whenever you like… it is sold everywhere. Many Italian eat it with coffee as breakfast… it is so good! So yum!




An Extra Piece of Festive Collection from Lindt, Champs-Élysées with Arc de Triomphe


Dear Chocolate Lovers,

I just visited a “Lindt” store at Vicolungo, Italy. There are so many beautiful and delicious pieces came out for exclusive collection. Christmas is right around the corner; Lindt has offered so many products at their stores.

I’m NOT associated with Lindt by anyhow… just another chocolate lover, who enjoys sharing the love of chocolate to you all.

Enjoy shopping… hope everyone is having a great time during Christmas Season.


Tama Bea



Lindt Store at Vicolungo, Italy




Displays of Christmas Collections




My “Lindt” shopping haul: Truffles




Crema al Cioccolato (Chocolate Cream)




Cioccolatini – Pink Collection