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Nothing much — just posting some pictures of our home… I couldn’t help getting into Christmas spirit. What joy and fun!


Home Sweet Home








Shelves in Living Room




Christmas Calendar with only 24 days




Buon Natale = Merry Christmas




Angel — with super frizzy hair!




Christmas Ornaments…




Hollowman Snuggie— just kidding!




L’Albero di Natale
Our Christmas Tree


Enjoy Christmas Season everyone!!!


It is getting closer and closer to Christmas. We had a chance to walk around a canal in Milan, Navigli . There is a nice store, full of Christmas decorations – That’s Christmas. I just couldn’t help to stop by. Without hesitation, we walked and were wowed by what are inside!

That’s Christmas store divided into many zones… according to colors; red, green, gold, silver, black and white. It was really amazing to see every piece put together. The price is relatively high…but the taste was good!

Let’s check out That’s Christmas!

Front View of That’s Christmas

Inside – That’s Christmas

Red Zone – That’s Christmas

Silver and White Zone – That’s Christmas

It’s really beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Hope you all are enjoying your decorations at home.


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Ellen Pompeo is playing the main character in the hit show, Grey’s Anatomy. I am sure many of us have seen and some are big fans of this TV series. It has been going for 5th season now and still has high ratings. Elle Decor Magazine had visited Pompeo at home and now we have a chance to see how her place looks like… amazing!

It is a very much a mixture of vintage and modern collections of furniture. They are well put together. Ellen shares this home with her husband, Chris Ivory, and her daughter, Stella. Some rooms have Mediterranean touch and oriental style. It is quite impressive. The house is situated in the  Hollywood Hills. There is a swimming pool, which she spends a leisure time at.  I can see natural lights all around the house, it is wonderful. Now let us see the photographs taken by Elle Decor.