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The weather is getting a lot warmer in Milan… we couldn’t help going to buy some flowers and plants for our balcony. One of my favorite places is “Botanic”. A big store, which sells plants, flowers and all kinds of gardening tools, located in Rozzano (suburb of Milan, Italy).


Let’s go to “Botanic” store.







There are many kinds of outdoor furniture.




Plants’corner in front of Botanic




Plants on our balcony; sage, oregano, basil
(Italian = salvia, oregano, basilico)




Rosemary and Mint
(Italian = Rosmarino, Menta)




Gerbera – orange is beautiful!




African Violet (Italian = Saint Paulia)




Gerbera — bright yellow!




3 plants — so bright and beautiful on our balcony




One of my favorite icecream shops in Milano— Gelateria Marghera (Via Marghera 33, Milano). This place is quite small but full of people everyday!




Beside ice-cream, they also make ice-cream cakes.




Homemade gelato! So yum, so good!




Gelato – Minth chocolate chips and white chocolate (plus whipped cream)




Have a wonderful week!!!


“Gelateria Marghera” in Milan, Italy, is one of the most famous places where you can get delicious gelato (ice-cream). The location is northeast of the city of Milan, very trendy area. There are many nice restaurants and aperitif places along that street. The address is Via Marghera 33, easy access by Metro Wagner, Red Line. If you have a chance to stop by Milan (or Milano) … come try gelato there. You’ll love it!