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I had such a great time with my family here in Milan. My In-law organized a very nice dinner with 12 relatives… what fun!… Love every moment! It was a wonderful traditional Christmas Lunch… The most important thing was we had a chance to be together… Thank God for my family.






Veggies and side dishes
(olives, onions, peppers, pickles, anchovies, etc.)





Antipasti – Bresaola and Artichoke





Tartine al Salmone (toasts with salmon and caviar)






Mixed Antipasti





Primo (First Course) – Ravioli





Secondo (Second Course) – Roasted Chicken (Gallina)





Dolce (Dessert) – Panettone with Mascapone Cream and Chocolate Pudding





A Bouquet of garlic and hot chili peppers (a symbol of fortune in Italy)





Christmas Presents — fun fun!





Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011


Nothing much — just posting some pictures of our home… I couldn’t help getting into Christmas spirit. What joy and fun!


Home Sweet Home








Shelves in Living Room




Christmas Calendar with only 24 days




Buon Natale = Merry Christmas




Angel — with super frizzy hair!




Christmas Ornaments…




Hollowman Snuggie— just kidding!




L’Albero di Natale
Our Christmas Tree


Enjoy Christmas Season everyone!!!

Everywhere I go, I see all kinds of traditional Christmas sweets… and I just love it!

Torrone and torroncini are well known among Italians… every household purchase them during this time of the year.

Torrone is described as a nougat confection. The main ingredients are honey, sugar and egg white. Tradional Italian torrone would have roasted almonds inside. There are 2 kinds; hard and soft. I prefer to the soft one… it is much easier to chew, really! The hard kind is a bit pain to munch. Oh well, it depends on what you like… both types of torrone are delicious!



Torrone – traditionally comes in a rectangular shape, a long bar.




Slice it up into little bars when you want to eat.




Torroncini – they are similar to torrone, but they are smaller. The main ingredients are just honey, sugar and egg white. Traditional torroncini would be a bite size, coated with chocolate and have different flavors; vanilla, orange, chocolate, etc.

Italian words for today;

Torroncino (singular form) = one piece of torroncino

Torroncini (plural form) = many pieces of torroncino

Normally people would have more than one piece… so they would say “Torroncini” rather than “Torroncino”… well, it depends on how many pieces you want to have… many? Or just one?





Let’s see what’s inside!




Extra — these are some of my Christmas decorations at home.
Cans with skiing Santa (hoe hoe hoe)!




Snowman sweethearts



Santa Clause = Babbo Natale

Enjoy Christmas shopping everyone!