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Spending a little down time outside Milan is one of my favorite things to do in the very warm month of August. I went back to “Bellagio” again …Lake Como is always charming and refreshing! Yes, I do fall in love with this little town …colorful flowers… amazing breeze… and a little restaurant called “Bilagus”. It is a tiny place with large terrace filled with dining tables and tourists from everywhere. We drove there on Sunday… a bit difficult to find a parking space, but we eventually did. It was almost 1pm already, the restaurant was packed but we asked a table for 2 in the shade. Fortunately, there was a table available in the corner for us. The weather was very nice… we had a perfect lunch, started with “antipasti” (or appetizer), mozzarella and tomatoes… great with olive oil and a tiny bit of oregano. We skipped “Primo” (or first dish), which normally are pasta or rice, and jumped right into “Secondo” (second dish), which are meat … chicken, beef, pork, fish, etc. We decided to try their special dish— fish steak and deep fried fish fillet with some side dishes, grilled vegetables … it was perfect, not too heavy and not too light… Summer lunch couldn’t be better. We sat and talked… just enjoyed our relaxing afternoon. Lovely town, wonderful restaurant —Bilagus.

Bilagus Restaurant - Bellagio, Italy

I have to say it is one of the best restaurants with fish dish as thier specialty… fresh from the lake, Italian style, great taste. I can go back again and again.

Bilagus - little restaurant with a big terrace

We were having lunch on the big terrace… while tourists walking up and down the stair, very lively, very unique place.

Inside "Bilagus" Restaurant... overlooking the terrace area

Olive oil, Vinegar, and Oregano

Appetizer - mozzarella cheese and tomatoes with basil

Deep fried fish fillet with lemon and vegetables

Fish steak ... fresh and great taste

a cup of espresso --- after finishing the meal

Lake Como - a view from Bellagio

It was a great place… we had a wonderful lunch, and nice walk along Lake Como… I’m still staying in the mountain around that area… will be  spending vacation time until next week … loving it!


Spring is beautiful here in Italy. Bellagio is a small town less than an hour from Milan. You could reach Switzerland boarder from there. We took a train from Cardona Station near the city center of Milan to Lake Como and took a ferry to Bellagio. Yes, I am talking about Lake Como, where George Clooney bought villas for his vacation homes! No, I didn’t see him but the locals told that he was there quite often with his Italian girlfriend! Anyways, these are beautiful pictures from a lovely town, Bellagio.