Phi Phi Island (Phi Phi Don)

We had a chance to travel to Phi Phi Island in August 2011. It was difficult to see how the weather would be like. Fortunately, we were there during the good day, no rain — very nice and warm. (August is considered to be a monsoon period for The South of Thailand).

Tourists normally take ferries or speed boat as means of transportation. We decided to take a medium size ferry from Phuket. It took around 90 minutes to reach Phi Phi Don.

The sky was a bit cloudy but bright. The ocean looked emerald green… we loved it!





The picture was taken while we were on a ferry.





We were getting close to the Island… you can see how green the sea water is.





Loh Da Lam Bay… another part of Phi Phi Don





Small boat was floating at Loh Da Lam Bay





Sun bathing and Thai message station… (at Ton Sai Bay)





Bungalows — at Phi Phi Don Island





Small restaurants… just right on the beach.





Tropical Fruits: Durian, Jackfruit, Mango, Coconut, Mangos teens, etc.





Speed boat — small but fast





A ferry … medium size, ours looked similar to this one.





Local noodle restaurant — Ba Mi Som Jit





We had 2 different kinds of noodles – with soup and without soup. They were very tasty!


We really liked this place… Phi Phi Don Island… the ocean on west coast of Thailand looks gorgeous! I would love to be back again!


We really had a great opportunity to spend our summer vacation in Thailand. We were in Phuket (Kata Beach). It was nice and quiet. Although August is considered a monsoon period the weather was nice and warm almost all the time.

One afternoon, our friend took us to see a city view from Big Buddha… it was amazing sight to see towns and beaches all around Phuket, Thailand.




“Big Buddha” situated on the mountain where we needed to drive up there. Once we got to the place, seeing the view was really amazing!




Close to “Big Buddha”, there was a demonstration board which showed all kinds of foreign currencies. (The donation table for temple was near by… that’s why there were many tourists gave some donations for that place)




We found Italian “Lire”, which now is not in use anymore. Italy has changed to Euro currency a few years back. I thought it was kind of cool to see some of old banknotes!




We went to Laem Promtep (Promtep Cape) to see a sunset. It was a very well known spot for locals (and also non-locals) to be there and see the sun set… reaches down to the ocean. The sight was beautiful… breathtaking!




Many people started taking their spots… watching the sun set.




It was very close to 6pm… we started seeing the sun moving down.




The ocean turned into gold color!… so beautiful!




Slowly and slowly… the sun went down into the ocean sky line.




Dinner: beach & Thai style… seafood and some spicy dishes. I love it!




My hubby’s favorite… rice and chicken fried with garlic.




Love… Love… Love… Phuket, Thailand. I so want to be back again!

It has been bright and shine throughout the week in Milan, ItalyEaster is approaching, we start seeing all kinds of chocolate eggs, bunnies, etc., around the town. Last week at Piazza dei Mercanti, there was an open market… not just an ordinary one… it is a chocolate open market!

All hail to chocolate lovers… everyone was having a great time walking and shopping… let’s have a look!


Duomo di Milano (all made with chocolate)





At Piazza dei Mercanti (Milan, Italy)





Chocolate for sales





Chocolate in a shape of salumi





Making some chocolate cream

Chocolate cream in jars





Chocolate in animal shapes





Little cakes coated with chocolate





Little pots and espresso maker (all made with chocolate)





Chocolate made into cookies shape





Chocolate Bars





Cheese and little mice! (all made with chocolate)





Easter Eggs – wrapped in paper bags





Chocolate tasting for FREE!





Chocolate made into different shapes (pines, leaves, shells, eggs, etc.)





We have an entertainer in the market!





Just some books from my “Jane Austen” collection — love reading them all!





Book I’m reading right now – “Persuasion”





Rouge Coco Shine – Deauville 67
I am loving this lipstick… in the tube, it looks a little dark, but it actually comes out as nude and light brown! Love the texture (lip and gloss). It is very moisturizing. Yes, I will repurchase again!


FTC Disclaimer:
All products mentioned were purchased by me. None of these companies are paying me for this blog. All opinions are my own.

Last week, I had a chance to go visit friends in Budapest, Hungary. It was such a great time! We were there during the National Holiday, March 15th. The weather was very warm, people came out to celebrate the Independence day of Hungary. We saw many traditional costume and dance! Amazing!


Let’s enjoy seeing some pictures from Castle District (taken from March 15th, 2011)

Fishermen’s Bastion





Parliament of Hungary (located on Pest Side, along Danube River)





St. Stephen’s Basilica (Photo taken from Castle District)





Chain Bridge (Széchenyi Lánchíd in Hungarian)
A connection between Bupa and Pest, also a beautiful Danube River





Stephan I – A famous king of Hungary in the past





Matthias Church





At Castle District – there was a festival of National Holiday… fun! Fun!





Young Hungarians in traditional costume





A famous café in Budapest, HungaryRuszwurm

Smiley A shopping street at Deák tér Smiley
and Vörösmarty tér
(Photo taken on March 19th, 2011)





A shop selling traditional Hungarian bread – Kürtőskalács

Smiley Sweet bread Kürtőskalács Smiley
It is a bread roll with different kind of flavors such as cinnamons, coconut, etc. Also there is a classic one, without flavor… so fresh, so good!

We really enjoyed our time there… I will definitely go back again…what an awesome city — Budapest, Hungary!

Carnevale Ambrosiano 2011


Carnival in Milan, Italy, has already started, March 10-12th. It is called “Carnevale Ambrosiano”. These are pictures around the town… let’s see what’s going on during carnival week. Enjoy!


Temporary amusement park at Parco Sempione – ready for Carnival!





At Piazza Dei Mercanti, there is a little magic forest (light and sound show for children). Open to the public now! (La Foresta Magica)





La Foresta Magica – light and sound show for children, lasts about 15-20 minutes. Ready to go!





Piazza del Duomo (March 9th, 2011)





Around “Piazza Del Dumo”





They are NOT here for Carnival (haha). Korean couples were taking photos for their wedding albums! Fun!!!!




The annual Carnival Parade (Milan, Italy) will take place at Corso Vittorio Emanule II and Piazza del Duomo on Saturday, March 12th. Really hope the weather will be nice!!

It is Milan Fashion Week (February 23 – March 1) for Fall/Winter 2011/2012. Yes, ladies… let’s have a walk together around Piazza del Duomo (Milan, Italy).






CNBC Booth





Mercedes Benz – Booth





Walking around Piazza dei Marcanti





Carnival Festival is coming soon!





Galleria – Vittorio Emanuele II





Front Fashion Stage inside Galleria





Back Stage of Fashion Catwalk





L’Oreal Booth





A Vintage Store inside Galleria





Louis Vuitton Purses – always popular!





Brown Leather Booths are so “IN” right now!





(Temporary) Fashion Hall in front of Piazza del Duomo





A very bright and shine day in Milan (Thursday, February 24, 2011)



…Have a GREAT week!…

First of all, let’s start with an Italian word, “Canale” (kah- NAH-leh). It means “Canal”. In Milan, a famous canal among the locals is “Navigli”. This area is full of art galleries, antique shops, coffee shops and restaurant. I had a chance to stop by… just to see some paintings and had afternoon coffee with friends. The scenery is quite amazing… couldn’t help taking some pictures. Every last Sunday of the month, there will be an open market along the canal… looking forward to be there. Hope the weather would give us some mercy… no rain, please!






Quarter of Art Schools





Displays of painting in the Art School Quarter





Other art schools in Navigli area





Paintings of Tram in Milan





Jewelry School and Shop





Bridal Shop





Around Quarter of Art Schools





Washing Area (in the old time) – A historical corner that used to be a place where people came to wash their clothes.





Painting shops and art galleries





Shop that sells retro items (1950s-1960s)





Punti Vista – a shop that sells craft items, old pictures of Milan





Comic Bookstore – reminds me of TV series, “Big Bang Theory”, Sheldon and the gang love to hang out!





Art Galleries around Navigli





Coffee shops and restaurants around Navigli





A Coffee shop – very cute décor!





Nice Porsche!





Somebody’s kitty – she just sits there and plays with people who walk by.





Love these shoes! – a combination of Arts and Fashion (haha!)