Jack O’Lantern Orange Pudding

I have created some ideas about making Halloween treats… A couple weeks ago I was at the supermarket close to our home and saw nice oranges from Sicily (they are called “Valencia” oranges). Sure enough I picked up some of them and started to think about making orange pudding.

“Jack O’Lantern” came across my mind… and now here we go “Jack O’Lantern Orange Pudding”

Italian word for pudding is “Budino” (boo- DEE-no). Orange pudding is “Budino all’Arancia”.

Recipe: Jack O’Lantern Orange Pudding

3 Oranges (I used Valencia Oranges from Sicily)
Orange juice 2 cups
Granulated sugar 1 cups
Heavy Cream 2 cups
Corn Starch 2 tablespoons
Gelatin Powder 1 teaspoon

Prepare oranges
Cut the top off neatly, make them look like lids
Use a little knife to clean out the inside of oranges
You may use a little spoon to help
This step you will get orange juice around 2-3 cups
Use a strainer to filter seeds and pulps
Keep the juice for 2 cups (we’ll make pudding from it)

Keep the oranges (with inside emptied) as containers
We’ll use them to make “Jack O’Lantern”

“Making Pudding”
In a medium size pot, pour in orange juice
Put on a stove with medium heat
Slow pour in granulated sugar, mix well
When sugar was all melt, add in corn starch
The texture will form like orange jam
At this point, slowly pour in heavy cream
Keep stirring until it becomes thicker
At the end add in gelatin powder

Use a spoon to put the pudding in orange container
(bowls that are made from oranges with inside emptied)
Leave until they all cooled down
Then put them in a fridge for at least 2-3 hours
Pudding will form soft and thick texture, ready to serve

Decoration as Jack O’Lantern
We will need black papers
Cut into triangle shapes to make eyes and noses
For the mouth, you may create with different shapes you like

“Valencia” oranges

Cut the tops off, make them look like “lids”

Empty the inside of oranges, you can orange juice for 2-3 cups

Add in sugar, corn starch, heavy cream and gelatin powder

Mix well, then pour them back into oranges (with inside emptied)

Cover with lids before serving… does it look like “brain”? haha!!!

Decoration papers…

Decorate with black papers cut into different shapes for eyes, noses and mouths. Stick them on the oranges with glue

Jack O’Lantern Orange Pudding… ready to serve

Hope you enjoy!
Buon Appetito.


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