Milan Fashion Week (September 26, 2011)

Milan Fashion Week has ended already. I got a few snaps from Monday, September 26, 2011. It was at Arco della Pace … the crowd were gathering to go inside… (Roberto Cavalli’s show).


Let’s see some pictures.





A girl who a little like Whitney Port (don’t think it was her, though)





More smiles!





Good looking guests…





I love her shoes!!!





He must be a male model!





Another guest… uhmmm, don’t know where she’s from! … her dress is very Cavalli!





Nude pumps seem to be the greatest hits!





No heels… just tennis shoes would work too!





Nice wedges (with a bandage… beauty comes with pain?)





Green sheer stocking with sh-booties… hmmm… (don’t know what to say!)





Securities were packed!!!





Press people were also packed!





Men can have a clutch too! Can’t they? hehe





That’s it for this year… see you at Milan Fashion Week again in 2012!


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