Milan Fashion Week (September 21-27, 2011)

Yes!! It’s fashion week in Milan, Italy… I am in town and love seeing all the people come from all over the world… These are just snaps I took while walking around Piazza del Duomo (Milan, Italy)

A big sign (from Piazza del Mercanti) with Duomo di Milano as a background.





Press from Fashion TV





2 Photographers… ready to shoot whoever looked cool on Red Carpet!





Sh-booties… wonder how someone could walk on those!!!





Red Carpet at Piazza del Duomo





Official sponsor… Canon…





MSNBC has a booth at Piazza dei Mercanti (near Duomo)





Make-up booth… long line for all the ladies!





Mercedes-Benz (another sponsor of this event)





Duomo di Milano — and fashion tent!





Roccobarocco – had a show on Wed. (Sept.21)





Event at Sisley (near San Babila) on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011





Elephant Parade Milano Arts… many elephants are placed around Milano at this moment.





Typical Milanese young lady… texting while eating gelato!! (haha)





My lunch of the day… just a panino and an espresso coffee.





I really enjoy the fashion week… what fun!



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