Milan Fashion Week 2011 — Let’s continue

I was at Piazza del Duomo (Milan, Italy) on Thursday and Friday (September 22-23, 2011). It was fun walking and seeing people came to the event… The weather was perfect, not too hot… but we had a bit of sunshine… it was such a nice week!

Fashion tent… placed right next to Duomo di Milano






Red Carpet Arrival… I don’t really know who she is… but she looks terrific!






A reporter… someone from Fashion TV






Spectators in the area… good looking, right?






Love those shoes!!!






Teens walked by… they looked great! I love the very left girl. Somehow she reminded me of Amy Winehouse.






This man is really something… isn’t he?






They are male models… (I love Zoolander!!!)






Fashion Press… they really looked like press from Fashion Magazine!






At Piazza del Mercanti – there were 3 models for Mercedes-Benz.






These are security guards!! Seriously… I think they must be through a good looking test!! (hehe)






Italian teens… I happened to see them waiting to enter a show as backstage staff.






Elephant Parade Milano Arts: an event from September 16 to November 15 2011. It is a campaign to protect elephants in Asia. We are seeing elephants with different patterns and colors all over Milan City at this moment.

Here we are at Via Tortona… 2 elephants with flags of 2 big football teams (AC Milan and Inter Milan). It’s so cool!





Buona Settimana (Have great week!)




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