Monthly Archives: August 2011

We really had a great opportunity to spend our summer vacation in Thailand. We were in Phuket (Kata Beach). It was nice and quiet. Although August is considered a monsoon period the weather was nice and warm almost all the time.

One afternoon, our friend took us to see a city view from Big Buddha… it was amazing sight to see towns and beaches all around Phuket, Thailand.




“Big Buddha” situated on the mountain where we needed to drive up there. Once we got to the place, seeing the view was really amazing!




Close to “Big Buddha”, there was a demonstration board which showed all kinds of foreign currencies. (The donation table for temple was near by… that’s why there were many tourists gave some donations for that place)




We found Italian “Lire”, which now is not in use anymore. Italy has changed to Euro currency a few years back. I thought it was kind of cool to see some of old banknotes!




We went to Laem Promtep (Promtep Cape) to see a sunset. It was a very well known spot for locals (and also non-locals) to be there and see the sun set… reaches down to the ocean. The sight was beautiful… breathtaking!




Many people started taking their spots… watching the sun set.




It was very close to 6pm… we started seeing the sun moving down.




The ocean turned into gold color!… so beautiful!




Slowly and slowly… the sun went down into the ocean sky line.




Dinner: beach & Thai style… seafood and some spicy dishes. I love it!




My hubby’s favorite… rice and chicken fried with garlic.




Love… Love… Love… Phuket, Thailand. I so want to be back again!