Antique Market along Navigli

Every last Sunday of the moth, there is an open market along Navigli canal in Milan, Italy. It was really warm day (30c). I couldn’t believe how warm it was. Still people were not afraid to get burned under the sun. I saw hundreds and hundreds of visitors walking along Navigli, browsing items and enjoying gelato! It was called “Antique Market” because most of vendors were selling vintage and antique stuff. They were interesting, some were collectible.

Loving a wonderful weekend!

Navigli Canal (June 26th, 2011)

French style items!

Navigli on the 26th of June.

Let’s continue walking along Navigli.

Shoes, shoes and shoes!

Vintage dresses

Hats and vintage hats

Paintings… lots and lots of paintings

There were some items… looked like calculators, cash registers, type writers, etc. Some were really back in the old days… wow!

Freezers… coolers… vintage coca cola style…

During these times… nothing is better than fresh gelato… loving Gelateria Marghera (Via Marghera 33, Milano)

Summer is already here… I will probably be away from time to time… taking a nice and long vacation… hope you all have great summer holidays!

    • Tamabea said:

      It is!!! We had fun walking along Navigli 🙂

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