Easy day in Spring

The weather is so nice in Milan, Italy. Well, it could rain a lot sometimes but still it is nice and shine. I had a little time in the afternoon, checked out stores and shops around Piazza del Duomo. The tourists were packed as usual. Love a nice and easy day…

Zucca is a coffee shop inGalleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The unique thing about this place is they have an old fashion mosaic wall… love how it looks. I read a tourist guide about Zucca, it was famous for opera writers and performers to come have a cup of coffee in the past… well, it is just a walking distance to “La Scala”… no wonder… still it is famous for Milanese to come until these days.


Let’s walking around checking shops in that area!!!

Louis Vuitton

Stuffed animals… Pirate style!


Duomo di Milano (Photographed on June 8th, 2011). It was a bit cloudy on that day.

Security is everywhere… New mayor is in town!

Zara – Summer Collection is here!


Mango – Love their clothes and summer dresses!

Ladurée – got to love French macarons… New boxes are here!

M.A.C store on Via Torino.

Flowers are everywhere right now! Spring is here!

Gelato is perfect for an afternoon dessert… so hot and humid on that day.
Dopocena = gelato with different varieties of toppings

I really like gelato from Galateria Marghera (Milan, Italy)

Hydrangea on my balcony: pink and purple

Have a nice day, everyone!!!


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