A nice little park, Giardino della Guastalla

There is a nice little park in the city area of Milano, Giardino della Guastalla. It is located right near State University of Milan (Università Statale di Milano). During the day, you may see many college students there… sitting in the sun, having lunch, or just resting. Not only students, working people like to go there during their lunch break also. I found it was like a little haven in the busy area of the city, love it!



Giardiono della Guastalla

There is a big pond inside this little park.


Red roses are found around Giardiono della Guastalla.


White roses!


Let’s have a little walk near La Scala.


La Scala (Milan, Italy)


Yellow roses are everywhere near the statue of Leonardo da Vinci.


I have been growing some plants on our balcony, such as Tangerine (Italian = Mandarini).


Hydrangea (Italian = Ortensia)


Hydrangea starts showing colors (purple and blue)


Hydrangea : I took this picture from a little part near our home… nice, aren’t they?


Spring is here! The weather in Milan is getting warmer and warmer. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to go somewhere for a nice day trip soon!


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