Milano Food Week

Milano Food Week

May 7-15, there was an interesting event in Milan, Italy, “Milano Food Week”. There were many cooking shows and courses organized in several places around the town. We had a chance to participate in one of the events at Piazza San Fedele (near Galleria Vittorio Emenuele II). The sponsor was “LeProtto”, a big brand of “Saffron”. Yes… “Saffron” (or Zafferano in Italian) is one of the most expensive spices in the world. LeProtto gave some free samples to attendees… how lucky we are! We took home some saffron from the event!

Let’s see some pictures!

Cooking show – making dishes with saffron (Piazza San Fedele, Milano)

LEPROTTO – the sponsor of this event

LeProtto gave out some free sample of “saffron” to the audiences

Chocolate Muffins with Saffron

Sedanini Pasta with Saffron

LEPROTTO printed some recipes to give out! Nice!!!

Piazza del Duomo – there was an art show around the plaza

Official store of AC Milan – near Piazza del Duomo

May 15th, AC Milan Fans celecrated the victory of “Campioni d’Italia”

We are “Interista” ( Inter Milan’s Fan)… so sad, let’s go eat some gelato, shall we?

“Cioccolati Italiani” near Piazza del Duomo. We decided to buy some gelato from there!

“Colmato” – bread and ice cream with white chocolate sauce, yummy!!!

Happy weekend everyone!!!

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