Flowers and Taste – Fiori e Sapori 2011

This is one of the annual events in Milan, “Fiori e Sapori” 2011 (Flowers and Taste) was held along Navigli Grand Canal (Milan, Italy), on April 10th. We had an opportunity to go and see all the beautiful flowers… the colors are amazing! I couldn’t get enough of them!


Let’s walk along and see Fiori e Sapori.





Demonstration of flower decoration





A cute HAT shop





Tangerine trees for sales





Lemon trees





Bonsai – very interesting shapes










Demorforteca (English = Dimorphotheca)





Margherita (English = Daisy)





Ortensia (English = Hydrangea)





Geranio (English = Geranium)





Eliotropio alla Vaniglia (English = Heliptrope, Cherry Pie Plant)





Cineraria (English = Jacobaea Maritima, Dusty Miller)





Gerbera (English = Gerbera, African Daisy)





Primula (English = Primula)





Ornitogallo (English = Ornithogalum)





Non ti scorda di me (English = Forget Me Not)





Dalia (English = Dahlia)





Azalea (English = Azalea)





Calle (English = Calla)





Saturday afternoon (April 9th), we went out with friends for “Aperitivo” (Aperitif = drinks and some finger food), near Parco Sempione. It was such a nice day in Milan!





Weekend meal at home – Bavette with asparagus… simple dish, yet so delicious!





Curled on the couch and watched “Despicable Me”. What a fun movie! I love it!



Despicable Me, the Italian title is “ Cattivissimo Me” (Cattivissimo = The most evil). Got to love this film!


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