Open market for chocolate lovers

It has been bright and shine throughout the week in Milan, ItalyEaster is approaching, we start seeing all kinds of chocolate eggs, bunnies, etc., around the town. Last week at Piazza dei Mercanti, there was an open market… not just an ordinary one… it is a chocolate open market!

All hail to chocolate lovers… everyone was having a great time walking and shopping… let’s have a look!


Duomo di Milano (all made with chocolate)





At Piazza dei Mercanti (Milan, Italy)





Chocolate for sales





Chocolate in a shape of salumi





Making some chocolate cream

Chocolate cream in jars





Chocolate in animal shapes





Little cakes coated with chocolate





Little pots and espresso maker (all made with chocolate)





Chocolate made into cookies shape





Chocolate Bars





Cheese and little mice! (all made with chocolate)





Easter Eggs – wrapped in paper bags





Chocolate tasting for FREE!





Chocolate made into different shapes (pines, leaves, shells, eggs, etc.)





We have an entertainer in the market!





Just some books from my “Jane Austen” collection — love reading them all!





Book I’m reading right now – “Persuasion”





Rouge Coco Shine – Deauville 67
I am loving this lipstick… in the tube, it looks a little dark, but it actually comes out as nude and light brown! Love the texture (lip and gloss). It is very moisturizing. Yes, I will repurchase again!


FTC Disclaimer:
All products mentioned were purchased by me. None of these companies are paying me for this blog. All opinions are my own.


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