Nice Weekend at Parco Sempione

Parco Sempione is the largest public park in the city of Milan, Italy. The weather has been very nice in the past 10 days (20-25c). We couldn’t help to go out and have a bit of walk around the park. Love the weather… and it is still nice…hopefully for the whole week!

One of the landmarks in Milan is “Arco della Pace”. The arch, located right next to Parco Sempione, was built in 1807 and finished in 1838. During that time, Milan was under the rule of France (Napoleon Bonaparte). The style is a bit like French. Some of us, who have been to Paris, would see the similarity.



Arco della Pace is one of the entrances to go inside Parco Sempione.





Inside – Parco Sempione





Castello Sforzesco is another landmark of Milan, which you can see from Parco sempione.





Public drinking water in Parco Sempione





This flower is called “Dente di Leone”, in English is “Dandelion”.





Spring is here!





Let’s run and bike!





There are many restaurants and coffee shops around Parco Sempione. The brunch buffet is 15 euro/person. It’s such a good deal!





We had “Sunday Brunch” with friends on April 3rd. The weather was wonderful!





Gelato is back! This is a sign that the whole town is ready for summer!





April 2nd was another day in Milan. There is a big football match, “Derby di Milano”. Two giants have come to play together, Inter Milan VS AC Milan. Another word that people use is “Derby della Madonnina”. Yes, you heard it right “Madonnina”. It is the statue situated on top of Duomo di Milano. When these two teams meet, the term is used to call this special event.


April 2nd, there were many fans walking around Piazza del Duomo.





Store changed the display… welcome a derby match!





Take a close look of Madonnina… that day is it is “Derby della Madonnina




Result: Inter Milan VS AC Milan (0-3) … sad day for Pazza Amala!!!


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