Budapest, Hungary

Last week, I had a chance to go visit friends in Budapest, Hungary. It was such a great time! We were there during the National Holiday, March 15th. The weather was very warm, people came out to celebrate the Independence day of Hungary. We saw many traditional costume and dance! Amazing!


Let’s enjoy seeing some pictures from Castle District (taken from March 15th, 2011)

Fishermen’s Bastion





Parliament of Hungary (located on Pest Side, along Danube River)





St. Stephen’s Basilica (Photo taken from Castle District)





Chain Bridge (Széchenyi Lánchíd in Hungarian)
A connection between Bupa and Pest, also a beautiful Danube River





Stephan I – A famous king of Hungary in the past





Matthias Church





At Castle District – there was a festival of National Holiday… fun! Fun!





Young Hungarians in traditional costume





A famous café in Budapest, HungaryRuszwurm

Smiley A shopping street at Deák tér Smiley
and Vörösmarty tér
(Photo taken on March 19th, 2011)





A shop selling traditional Hungarian bread – Kürtőskalács

Smiley Sweet bread Kürtőskalács Smiley
It is a bread roll with different kind of flavors such as cinnamons, coconut, etc. Also there is a classic one, without flavor… so fresh, so good!

We really enjoyed our time there… I will definitely go back again…what an awesome city — Budapest, Hungary!


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