Carnevale Ambrosiano 2011 on March 12th

First of all, I would like to give my condolences to those who are affected by earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We have been watching the news since last Friday. I was saddened and shocked to see what happened. Really hope there will be no further disaster any time soon. We just send our thoughts and prayers to all the Japanese people… wish you well… may you be comforted. And hope the situation will ease as the time goes by.

These are photographs were taken from the recent event. Carnevale Ambrosiano 2011 is the name of carnival in “Milan, Italy”, which was help on the 12th of March, 2011.


Pictures from Piazza del Duomo





Carnival parade with chariot, band, and flag show





The group with Medieval Theme





Fiat 500: one of the most popular cars in Italy





Children dressed up like factory workers of Fiat





Little pilots





Pizza Theme: with a real chef cooking real pizza





Giuseppe Garibaldi, a historical hero, who united a nation together. This year will be a celebration of 150 years of Italy on the 17th of March. (17 Marzo 2011, 150 anni dell’Unità d’Italia)





Ferrari Theme





Marching band





La Madonnina – A statue of Virgin Mary on the top of Duomo di Milano. Well, obviously this is not a real one!





Entertaining theme with colors of Italian flag





Vespas riding vespa! (Vespa = bee, Vespa = little motor bike, scooter)





Saying hello to children!





Arts and arts





Barroco Roll” – a costume show originated from Azar Teatro (Spain)





More with band…




The carnival in Milano started from March 10th, ended on March 12th. It was held every year, 6 weeks before Easter… See you again, next year!




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