Navigli – Milano

First of all, let’s start with an Italian word, “Canale” (kah- NAH-leh). It means “Canal”. In Milan, a famous canal among the locals is “Navigli”. This area is full of art galleries, antique shops, coffee shops and restaurant. I had a chance to stop by… just to see some paintings and had afternoon coffee with friends. The scenery is quite amazing… couldn’t help taking some pictures. Every last Sunday of the month, there will be an open market along the canal… looking forward to be there. Hope the weather would give us some mercy… no rain, please!






Quarter of Art Schools





Displays of painting in the Art School Quarter





Other art schools in Navigli area





Paintings of Tram in Milan





Jewelry School and Shop





Bridal Shop





Around Quarter of Art Schools





Washing Area (in the old time) – A historical corner that used to be a place where people came to wash their clothes.





Painting shops and art galleries





Shop that sells retro items (1950s-1960s)





Punti Vista – a shop that sells craft items, old pictures of Milan





Comic Bookstore – reminds me of TV series, “Big Bang Theory”, Sheldon and the gang love to hang out!





Art Galleries around Navigli





Coffee shops and restaurants around Navigli





A Coffee shop – very cute décor!





Nice Porsche!





Somebody’s kitty – she just sits there and plays with people who walk by.





Love these shoes! – a combination of Arts and Fashion (haha!)


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