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Restaurant : Gnocco Fritto
Menu : Italian Food (Pasta, Gnocco Fritto)
Address : Via Pasquale Paoli 2, Milano, Italy
Map GPS : 45° 27′ 2.79″ N 9° 10′ 16.98″ E

Gnocco Fritto
Via Pasquale Paoli 2
20143 Milano, Italy




We had a chance to join our friends for a nice dinner… they suggested us a typical dish from Emilia Romagna (North Italy), which “Gnocco Fritto” served. Why not? They are good, they are quite famous. Sure, we’d love to try.






Inside Gnocco Fritto





Antipasti –Misto di Salumi





Gnocco Fritto (Soft bread, freshly made by “Gnocco Fritto”)





This is how we eat: stuff salumi inside gnocco fritto.





Formaggi Misti (varieties of cheese, typically from Emilia Romagna)





Honey and different types of marmalade (fruit jam): served with cheese





Let’s try blueberry jam with cheese: delicious!





Tagliatelle pomodoro fresco e olive (pasta with fresh tomatoes and olives)





Tortelli di magro con burro e salvia (Tortelli with butter and sage)





Tagliatelle al sugo d’anatra (Tagliatelle with sauce and duck meat)





We had quite a lot of antipasti (starter dishes), continued with first course (pasta dish). That was enough, didn’t want to eat second course(meat dish)… almost full aready! (haha)








Meringa con crema di cioccolato





Cheesecake (with strawberry jam on top)





Let’s take a little walk around “Navigli”, the canal in Milan, Italy. Among this area, it is surrounded by Arts Schools, painting shops and other artistic workshops.




Their food is great… yes, we would go back again. Thank you, Gnocco Fritto!