Clichy’s Tavern – Paris, France

Restaurant : Clichy’s Tavern
Menu : French and Italian (Steak, Pizza, Crêpes)
Address : 128 bis, Boulevard de Clichy, Paris, France
GPS : 48° 53′ 4.56″ N 2° 19′ 45.04″ E


Clichy’s Tavern
128 bis, Boulevard de Clichy
75018 Paris, France


We had a chance to go out for lunch with friends in Paris, France. What fun! There is a hip zone for Parisians, Place de Clichy, situated in the Northeast of the town. It is full of nice coffee shops and restaurants. We were introduced by our French friends to a restaurant, Clichy’s Tavern.

Menu – Clichy’s Tavern






Inside Clichy’s Tavern






Sparkling Water






Côtes d’agneau aux herbes
(Grilled lamb with ribs and mixed spices)






Pizza Quatre Saisons
(Pizza 4 seasons: tomatoes, artichokes, mushrooms, eggplants , mozzarella)






Planche de viandes grillées
(Grilled meat: lamb, beef, chicken, pork)






Tarte aux poireaux et saumon
(Savory pie baked with salmon and leek)






Onglet à l’échalote
(Tender roast beef with shallot)






Crème brûlée





Panna Cotta










Going there as a group is so much. Still water is served for free. On Sunday, there is a service charge 0.50 euro per person. The food is quite good. I like that there are varieties of French and Italian dishes. Meats are ok… not too bad. Desserts are excellent. Average cost for lunch is around 17-20 euro (One platter dish, beverage and dessert), very affordable for a big city like Paris. Yes, I would recommend if you have a chance to stop by. Bon Appétit!


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