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It is Milan Fashion Week (February 23 – March 1) for Fall/Winter 2011/2012. Yes, ladies… let’s have a walk together around Piazza del Duomo (Milan, Italy).






CNBC Booth





Mercedes Benz – Booth





Walking around Piazza dei Marcanti





Carnival Festival is coming soon!





Galleria – Vittorio Emanuele II





Front Fashion Stage inside Galleria





Back Stage of Fashion Catwalk





L’Oreal Booth





A Vintage Store inside Galleria





Louis Vuitton Purses – always popular!





Brown Leather Booths are so “IN” right now!





(Temporary) Fashion Hall in front of Piazza del Duomo





A very bright and shine day in Milan (Thursday, February 24, 2011)



…Have a GREAT week!…


First of all, let’s start with an Italian word, “Canale” (kah- NAH-leh). It means “Canal”. In Milan, a famous canal among the locals is “Navigli”. This area is full of art galleries, antique shops, coffee shops and restaurant. I had a chance to stop by… just to see some paintings and had afternoon coffee with friends. The scenery is quite amazing… couldn’t help taking some pictures. Every last Sunday of the month, there will be an open market along the canal… looking forward to be there. Hope the weather would give us some mercy… no rain, please!






Quarter of Art Schools





Displays of painting in the Art School Quarter





Other art schools in Navigli area





Paintings of Tram in Milan





Jewelry School and Shop





Bridal Shop





Around Quarter of Art Schools





Washing Area (in the old time) – A historical corner that used to be a place where people came to wash their clothes.





Painting shops and art galleries





Shop that sells retro items (1950s-1960s)





Punti Vista – a shop that sells craft items, old pictures of Milan





Comic Bookstore – reminds me of TV series, “Big Bang Theory”, Sheldon and the gang love to hang out!





Art Galleries around Navigli





Coffee shops and restaurants around Navigli





A Coffee shop – very cute décor!





Nice Porsche!





Somebody’s kitty – she just sits there and plays with people who walk by.





Love these shoes! – a combination of Arts and Fashion (haha!)

Restaurant : Marghera 37
Address : Via Marghera 37, Milano, Italy
GPS : 45° 28′ 0.39″ N 9° 9′ 7.96″ E

Ristorante Marghera 37
Via Marghera 37
20149 Milano, Italy





Restaurant – Marghera 37





Bruschetta al Pomodoro – very fresh bread and great taste!





Red wine – delicious!





Insalatina di Carciofi e Grana (Artichokes and thin slices of parmesan cheese)





Zoom zoom – very fresh artichokes, love it!





Gnocchetti con gamberi, pesto e pomodoro (Pasta Gnocchetti with prawns, pesto and tomatoes) – this is my favorite dish of the entire meal… they really know how to make “Gnocchetti”!





Cotoletta alla Milanese – Italian version of Wiener schnitzel (it was alright… not bad)





Gelateria Marghera -Via Marghera 33, Milano
We took “Dopocena”, readymade ice-cream with variety toppings. This shop is famous of making these. We really enjoy them also (8 pieces for 20 euro).





Close up – “Dopocena





We really enjoyed every dish… overall it was great and we definitely plan to go back again sometimes. Only thing that bothered us was a parking space. Via Marghera (and around) is almost impossible to park. We had to leave our car somewhere (10-15 minute walk) to come to the restaurant… but yes, it is well worth it!

Restaurant : Gnocco Fritto
Menu : Italian Food (Pasta, Gnocco Fritto)
Address : Via Pasquale Paoli 2, Milano, Italy
Map GPS : 45° 27′ 2.79″ N 9° 10′ 16.98″ E

Gnocco Fritto
Via Pasquale Paoli 2
20143 Milano, Italy




We had a chance to join our friends for a nice dinner… they suggested us a typical dish from Emilia Romagna (North Italy), which “Gnocco Fritto” served. Why not? They are good, they are quite famous. Sure, we’d love to try.






Inside Gnocco Fritto





Antipasti –Misto di Salumi





Gnocco Fritto (Soft bread, freshly made by “Gnocco Fritto”)





This is how we eat: stuff salumi inside gnocco fritto.





Formaggi Misti (varieties of cheese, typically from Emilia Romagna)





Honey and different types of marmalade (fruit jam): served with cheese





Let’s try blueberry jam with cheese: delicious!





Tagliatelle pomodoro fresco e olive (pasta with fresh tomatoes and olives)





Tortelli di magro con burro e salvia (Tortelli with butter and sage)





Tagliatelle al sugo d’anatra (Tagliatelle with sauce and duck meat)





We had quite a lot of antipasti (starter dishes), continued with first course (pasta dish). That was enough, didn’t want to eat second course(meat dish)… almost full aready! (haha)








Meringa con crema di cioccolato





Cheesecake (with strawberry jam on top)





Let’s take a little walk around “Navigli”, the canal in Milan, Italy. Among this area, it is surrounded by Arts Schools, painting shops and other artistic workshops.




Their food is great… yes, we would go back again. Thank you, Gnocco Fritto!

Winter Sales 2011 almost come to an end. One fine day we just decide to take a stroll along “Corso Buenos Aires”, Milan, Italy… not too far from our home… The weather was nice, 8-10c. Yes, finally winter is finishing… we’ll be enjoying more and more sunshine (hopefully!).


Let’s take a walk along “Corso Buenos Aires”.





You’ll be seeing all kinds of Fast Food restaurants… not so good for Italians (hahaha!)





bassetti” – this store sells quite great quality of bed sheets, pillow cases and towels.





Restaurants and coffee shops on the sidewalks… very typical in Milano.





Residential apartments along Corso Buenos Aires




Hilfiger Denim





Solaris – sells major designer brands glasses and sunglasses










Calvin Klein Jeans





Nike Milano




















Geox – great quality shoes from Italy





GROM – yummy gelato!










United Colors of Benetton








































Shopping Haul from Zara (2 dresses – love them!)





Sushi for dinner – yes, I really need these after a long shopping day (hehe!)



Fun fun! I really enjoyed my relaxing weekend! Have fun shopping everyone.

Restaurant : Clichy’s Tavern
Menu : French and Italian (Steak, Pizza, Crêpes)
Address : 128 bis, Boulevard de Clichy, Paris, France
GPS : 48° 53′ 4.56″ N 2° 19′ 45.04″ E


Clichy’s Tavern
128 bis, Boulevard de Clichy
75018 Paris, France


We had a chance to go out for lunch with friends in Paris, France. What fun! There is a hip zone for Parisians, Place de Clichy, situated in the Northeast of the town. It is full of nice coffee shops and restaurants. We were introduced by our French friends to a restaurant, Clichy’s Tavern.

Menu – Clichy’s Tavern






Inside Clichy’s Tavern






Sparkling Water






Côtes d’agneau aux herbes
(Grilled lamb with ribs and mixed spices)






Pizza Quatre Saisons
(Pizza 4 seasons: tomatoes, artichokes, mushrooms, eggplants , mozzarella)






Planche de viandes grillées
(Grilled meat: lamb, beef, chicken, pork)






Tarte aux poireaux et saumon
(Savory pie baked with salmon and leek)






Onglet à l’échalote
(Tender roast beef with shallot)






Crème brûlée





Panna Cotta










Going there as a group is so much. Still water is served for free. On Sunday, there is a service charge 0.50 euro per person. The food is quite good. I like that there are varieties of French and Italian dishes. Meats are ok… not too bad. Desserts are excellent. Average cost for lunch is around 17-20 euro (One platter dish, beverage and dessert), very affordable for a big city like Paris. Yes, I would recommend if you have a chance to stop by. Bon Appétit!