Recipe: Pipe Rigate con Carciofi

First of all let’s get to know some Italian words; Carciofo is “Artichoke” in English. Most of the time the plural form is used, which is “Carciofi” or “Artichokes”… you can guess it is because we normally use more than “one” artichoke to make a meal.

Carciofo (singular) = Artichoke

Carciofi (plural) = Artichokes

Let’s see our menu today; Pipe Rigate con Carciofi




Ingredients for 4 people

Pasta Pipe Rigate 350 grams

Artichoke (in olive oil) 150 grams

Heavy Cream 200 ml

Grated Cheese: Pecorino Romano 40 grams

Extra Virgine Olive Oil 1 tablespoon

Dried Marjoram 1 tablespoon

Salt and Pepper (to taste)




Cook pasta in boiling water until al dente. Drain the water and leave it aside.

Cut each artichokes into bite size. In a large skillet, fry artichoke, add salt and pepper as you like.

Pour cooked pasta and mix it with fried artichokes.

In a small sauce pan, mixed heavy cream with grated pecorino romano and boil with low heat.

Add dried majoram to mixed sauce (cream and cheese).

Pour mixed cream sauce over pasta Pipe Rigate and artichokes, serve hot.

You may sprinkle a bit of dried marjoram on the dish.




Pipe Rigate





Grated Pecorino Romano





Carciofi (Artichokes) – fresh





Artichokes in olive oil





Majoram (or Maggiorana in Italian) – we use dried one.










Fry artichokes in a large skillet





Pipe Rigate mixed with artichokes





Mix heavy cream with grated Pecorino Romano





Boil heavy cream with Pecorino Romano, then add dried Marjoram





Pour the mixed sauce over pasta and artichokes





Mix all the ingredients well





Add a bit of dried Marjoram, ready to serve.





Menu of the day – Pipe Rigate con Carciofi



Buon Appetito!

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