Have Some Italian Sweets

There are so many interesting sweets, treats, etc., here in Italy… Each region of the country has their specialty… Let’s have a look at some of them J

All hail the sweet lovers… enjoy!

Baci di Dama; the main ingredients are flour, ground peanut and coco cream. It is some sort of cookie, good with a cup of hot tea. The shape is similar to English scone, but the taste is different…well, there is some ground peanut… so it’s NOT scone, is it? The origin of Baci di Dama is from Northwest region, Piemonte.




Baci di Dama



Amaretti (or the full name is Amaretti di Sassello). The main ingredients are ground almond and sugar… sounds like Macaron… it is similar but the way it is baked makes Amaretti crispy outside, soft inside… yummm… many times you can taste a slight drop of sweet alcohol in it. Well, that’s very common for sweets here… a slight taste of alcohol drop. The origin of this type of sweet is from Luguria, Nortwest shore of Italy.



(or Amaretti di Sassello)



Buon Appetito!



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