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Best wishes to you and your family. Really hope you all will have a great year, great time… Let’s celebrate!


Happy New Year 2011!


After Christmas, we decided to take a nice walk around Piazza del Duomo, Milano. It was such a nice day… still it’s a very nice weather right now. The sun came out and it was warmer than last week… perfect for a good walk.

Let’s have a look around Piazza del Duomo, Milano


Duomo di Milano – a landmark of the city (Milan, Italy)





Shopping Street – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II





A view from Shopping street – you can see Duomo di Milano





Shopping Street – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, with a view of the Christmas Tree





Back to Piazza del Duomo, there is a statue of the famous king; Vittorio Emanuele II





Around Duomo di Milano – people were walking, taking pictures.





Galleria – another famous landmark of Milan, Italy.
It is a shopping district with historical architecture inside and outside.





Ceiling of Galleria





H&M store at Corso Vittorio Emanuele II





Happy New Year 2011 = Buon Anno 2011



Hope you all are enjoying the holiday season! Have a great time!!!


I had such a great time with my family here in Milan. My In-law organized a very nice dinner with 12 relatives… what fun!… Love every moment! It was a wonderful traditional Christmas Lunch… The most important thing was we had a chance to be together… Thank God for my family.






Veggies and side dishes
(olives, onions, peppers, pickles, anchovies, etc.)





Antipasti – Bresaola and Artichoke





Tartine al Salmone (toasts with salmon and caviar)






Mixed Antipasti





Primo (First Course) – Ravioli





Secondo (Second Course) – Roasted Chicken (Gallina)





Dolce (Dessert) – Panettone with Mascapone Cream and Chocolate Pudding





A Bouquet of garlic and hot chili peppers (a symbol of fortune in Italy)





Christmas Presents — fun fun!





Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011

We have finished the Christmas shopping! Yes!!! Just want to take you around Milan, Italy, and see the atmosphere of Christmas shopping at commercial center, MilanoFiori. There is a big supermarket located inside, Carrefour.


Let’s go see shoppers walking around and enjoy Christmas season.




Food Center (and Christmas lights)




Christmas Tree and Babbo Natale (Santa Claus)




Christmas Décor inside commercial center MilanoFiori




Aldo, Giovanni, Giacomo – they are very famous in Italy. These 3 comedians always have a new movie coming up during Christmas Time. We were there to see “La Banda dei Babbi Natale”. It was sooooo much fun!



Merry Christmas everyone!

It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas day. Everywhere I go, it is quite a chaos to see many shoppers around. But it’s a holiday season…what can I say? Let’s just enjoy it!


Here is a Christmas Bazaar at Piazza dei Marcanti, Milan, Italy.




One of my favorite corners… chocolate, truffles, etc.




Enjoy yummy cakes!




A view of Piazza Duomo, Milan, Italy… from street markets.


Enjoy shopping everyone!

I was walking around Piazza Duomo, Milan, and noticing bright blue boxes around the Christmas Tree. It was from Tiffany & Co., beautiful! They open a showroom, sort of a big booth under the tree… very interesting.

The temporary showroom opens to the public… it’s a great opportunity to see jewelry designs and beautiful items inside.



Here is a look of the Christmas Tree at Piazza Duomo, Milan, Italy




The base of the tree is from “Tiffany & Co.”




In front of the showroom, Tiffany & Co.




More pictures of the Christmas Tree at Piazza Duomo, Milan, Italy




Have a very merry Christmas!


Nothing much — just posting some pictures of our home… I couldn’t help getting into Christmas spirit. What joy and fun!


Home Sweet Home








Shelves in Living Room




Christmas Calendar with only 24 days




Buon Natale = Merry Christmas




Angel — with super frizzy hair!




Christmas Ornaments…




Hollowman Snuggie— just kidding!




L’Albero di Natale
Our Christmas Tree


Enjoy Christmas Season everyone!!!