Dinner at Mangiafuoco

Last Sunday night was a Halloween… our friends here were not really into it, so they called and asked “Are you free? Let’s go out and have dinner, shall we?”. “Of course!” I replied. We were in a mood of having a delicious steak and many kinds of antipasti (appetizers). There was a place in Milan… the restaurant, Mangiafuoco Bracerie.

Mangiafuoco Bracerie: Address – Via Carlo Pisacane 40, Milano

What an amazing night… dinner with friends, great steaks, good wine, etc. I couldn’t ask for more.




Different kinds of “Antipasti”



Varieties of Bruschetta… so good, so yum!



Steaks – Fiorentian Style



Lemon Sorbet and Pineapple (Desserts)



Store brand wine from Tuscany!



We really did have a good time! Thanks to “Mangiafuoco” restaurant.




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