An afternoon at La Rinascente – Piazza Duomo

For Milan residents, nobody doesn’t know La Rinascente, a prestigious department store of the city. It is situated at the perfect location, right at the heart of Milano, Piazza Duomo. All kinds of major brand names have their stores opened there. It is fun to see the newest collections displayed … enjoying my afternoon walk… shop… have a cup of coffee.

They have 2 coffee shops at La Rinascente. One is on the ground floor, another one is on the top floor… has a balcony with Duomo Cathedral view… awesome!

We spent our afternoon while there was a Milan Design Weekend (October 14-17), shopped at home & décor department and sipped some coffee on the top floor. It was amazing weekend!

A sign for Milan Design Weekend (October 14th-17th)

Galleria – Piazza Duomo (Flag decoration on the ceiling)

La Rinascente – Piazza Duomo

Ground Floor at La Rinascente – Full of home décor items

A coffee shop on the ground floor- La Rinascente

A coffee shop on the top floor- La Rinascente

A balcony of – La Rinascente coffee shop with a view of Duomo

Sipped some coffee with a cream cake & fresh blueberries

Bracing the cold – A Korean couple posed for wedding pictures in front of Duomo. They were so brave!!! The temperature was 10c degree!!!

My weekend was wonderful… thanks to La Rinascente – Piazza Duomo!!!


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