A Night Out with Friends at Bicocca Village – Milano

Last weekend I spent a relaxing time going out with friends… we have our place for movie and dinner. It is “Bicocca Village – Milano”. The location is in the suburb area of Milan… still not too far from the city. We went by car… that’s the best way to reach there.

Bicocca Village has 18 movie theaters and more than 20 restaurants inside… perfect for a night out with friends… Before the movie, we went to eat at “Wiener Haus”, a restaurant – Vienna Style… the food is great… tons of meat and grilled veggies… I love it!

Just chilling out for a nice weekend… great place with friends… Bicocca Village – Milano.

Wiener Haus Restaurant – Vienna Style

Appetizers – mixed fried cheese and meat… sooooo good!

Grilled Plate – grilled meat and veggies

Cotoletta alla Milanese

Deep fried veal – coated with breadcrumbs. The Milanese dish — Italian Style is without French fries.

Wiener Schnitzel – Very similar to Cotoletta alla Milanese

A night out with friends… have some fun with movies and dinner!

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