Panzerotti from Luini – so good! so yum!

Panzerotto is fried bread, stuffed with cheese and tomato sauce… sometimes could be filled with different stuffings, such as spinach, hams, etc. Somebody described it as a small “Calzone”… that is close, but the bread of panzerotto is much softer.

“Panzerotti” is a plural form of “Panzerotto”. So it depends on how many pieces you want to order… 1 piece, ask for Panzerotto… 2 or more, ask for Panzerotti!

In Milan, Italy, there are many places that sell Panzerotti. But the most famous one is “Luini”. It is a shop close to Piazza Duomo… Every day you will people people line up to get panzerotti… common site! There are a few seats inside the shop, usually people just sit down on the side walk and munch their fried bread… very normal… you will see them doing that all the time.

Luini is the bread shop, started with a family from Puglia (South Italy), Luini’s. They moved to Milan in mid 50s and opened the shop to sell bread… later they developed their own recipe for panzerotti (originally from the city of Puglia). It became famous in a short time. People in Milan started talking about Luini and their specialties…

Today… they are still going strong… ask the Milanese locals… they all know about Luini and their “Panzerotti”… so good, so yum!!!

A long line of people… waiting to get “Panzerotti”

A common site… seeing people sitting on the side walk, eating panzerotti.

Inside Luini’s

Up close… Panzerotto from Luini

The form mayor of Milan… praising Luini for producing quality panzerotti!

Panzerotti from Luini… simple fried bread, stuffed with mozzarella and tomato sauce…
So good… so yum!

  1. We were in Milan in April and stumbled upon Luini by accident, wondered why the streets were lined with people eating out of paper bags… oh my they are sooooo gooood!!!!

    • Tamabea said:

      Glad to had a chance to try Panzerotti from Luini’s. Yes, I have to admit that they’re good… fresh bread, fresh cheese… simple but great quality 🙂

  2. Sarah said:

    I’ll try my luck when I go to Milan in february ; )

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