Have some bread at “Princi”

First, let’s get to know a word “Panificio”. Panificio (pah-nee-FEE-choh), “ch” is pronounced like church, chair. It means a shop that makes and sell varieties of bread.

Princi for the Milanese is famous for being a “Panificio”. Everyone loves fresh and high quality bread from Princi. Beside selling bread, Princi also served “Panini” and “Focaccia” for lunch. It is very common to see working people come out during lunch time, and line up to buy their lunch at Princi. You can sit inside or stand outside as you wish.

Panini, Italian sandwiches, from Princi are so delicious!

There are several kinds of desserts also. Princi makes cakes, cookies, sweet bread, etc. The shop is always busy…full of people. From the outside, it looks so normal. But once you have tried their bread… it becomes extraordinary!

Address is Via Speronari 6, Milano. It is located very close to Piazza Duomo. Stop by if you have a chance!

Working People were munching Panini from Princi… so delicious!

Inside Princi… seats were full of people during lunch time.

Sweet corner… inside Princi

I bought some raisin bread… take home… so fresh, so good!

Focaccia from Princi is amazing!

Princi is one of the most famous panificio in Milan, Italy. Some Milanese residents stop by this place to get fresh bread everyday!



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