From Reggio di Calabria to Messina, Sicily

It was such a short vacation, yet amazing and wonderful. We took a flight from Milan to Reggio di Calabria then it was a big ferry that took us to the island of Sicily, or Sicilia (Si-CHEE-Lia) as Italians would say…

There are a few different ways to go from the Airport of Reggio di Calabria to Messina, Sicily.
1. Take a bus 105 (the bus stop is right in front of the airport) to a port of Calabria. Buy a ferry ticket, cost 3.50 euro per 1 person – one way, the ferry will arrive in Messina in about 35 minutes.
2. Take a bus (Autolinee Federico) from the airport to Villa San Giovanni then take a ferry to Messina (be sure to get the one that is going to Messina, not Tremestieri).
3. Take a fast ferry (“Aliscafo” in Italian). It departs from the airport and arrive to Messina directly. The ticket costs 9 euro. The thing is there are very few trips going during the day (6:30am, 9:30am, 1:30pm, 3pm, 7pm)… while other routes go several trips to Messina.

Note: A ferry that crosses between these 2 cities …normally called “Traghetto” in Italian (tra-GET-toh). It is good if you could speak some Italians… believe it or not, even the tourist information staff at the airport does not speak English at all.

We finally arrived in a nice beach town, Messina. That was a closest city to the mainland of Italy… funny enough many Italians would tell you that Sicily is not Italy… they’re joking, of course… but the reality is Sicily is a bit different of the rest of the country… the way people talk, the way people drive (crazy… it’s quite crazy all over Italy, but there …it is intense!!!) Even the food, they would put hot chili peppers in their pasta… We never do that in Milan!!! Anyways… I just LOVE it!
I love hot food, the sun, the sand… and the ocean… it is all good!

Yes, I would go back again if I have a chance— to a wonderful place, Sicily!

A view of a ferry that took us from Reggio di Calabria to Messina, Sicily

“Vos et Ipsam Civitatem Benedicimus” (We bless you and your city)
A big tower in the Mediterranean located between Reggio di Calabria and Messina, Sicily.

There are all kinds of amazing traditional pastries from Sicily… “Cannoli” is one of my favorites!

Pictures from Reggio di Calabria… the mainland, a connection to Sicily

The weather was perfect… warm and breezy… it’s getting cooler now at our home, Milano… I will miss this place, Sicily… what a wonderful trip!

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