My Top 5 Makeup Brushes

Let’s have some beauty talk — This is one of my favorite topics! There are quite a few makeup brushes that I use every day… sort of my holy grail products. Fortunately, they all last very long, most of them have been with me for more than 2 years. I believe in investing in good make-up brushes, high quality and easy to take care of. Yes, I do take very good care of them, especially the one I often use.

These are my top 5. Well, 4 of them are from MAC and 1 is from Sephora Professional. There are many other brands that produce good quality brushes, such as Sigma, Cargo, Louise Young, etc. I happen to like these five… they are the best!

  1. MAC 187
  2. MAC 217
  3. MAC 224
  4. MAC 213
  5. Sephora Pro 47

MAC 187 – It is such a versatile brush. I use to apply liquid foundation, face power and many times for blushes. I have 2 of them. One is in my make-up shelf another one, with a shorter holder, is in my traveling bag. It is quite pricey when I first decided to buy, but it really paid off the price in a long run, thinking about how many times I make use of it.

MAC 217 – I use this to apply all kinds of eye shadows. The design is also suitable for blending. It is just perfect to apply shadows all over my lids or intensify the crease. Many times I use to apply highlight colors on my brow bones. I also have more than one for MAC 217.

MAC 224 – It is a blending brush. It’s funny when I first bought it I did not use it as much as I should but later I found it very amazing as to blend and soften colors of eye shadows. It is now my every day brush. For me, it works very well when I don’t want a harsh line, I feel that it creates such a different result as it blends everything together. Many times I also use it to contour my nose.

MAC 213 – It is quite little but that is the advantage of getting a precise line. I love the precision on my crease, that’s why it is my favorite brush. I feel that it does not get mentioned that much when I read reviews on other beauty blogs… maybe it does, I just have not found it yet. Sometimes I use it to line my brow, it will give a soft line… not a defined one, but I like a soft look on my face, therefore MAC 213 is such a great brush.

Sephora Professional 47 – I have several foundation brush, but somehow I always go back to this one. It is so soft, so easy to apply liquid foundation. It doesn’t shed at all, that’s a very good point. I found it very easy to clean. Many times I also use it to apply concealer for larger area. The pointy end can reach many spots on my face, especially around my nose. It’s just wonderful.

This is quite difficult to choose because there are many brushes that are great and amazing! Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading and having a great day!

  1. X said:

    Is it weird that one 217 looks fatter than the other…Where as one looks long..and the other looks more fatter than it is longer…is it just the picture..?..It’s not the first time I see that…

    • Tamabea said:

      Mac 217 is not a small brush (of course, it’s not big either). From the comment, it looks like you don’t own one… but if you’re looking for an eye shadow brush, 217 seems to be the best!

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