A day trip to Lake Garda, Sirmione – Italy

My vacation is coming to an end… after spend a week in Greece, now I’m back to Italy. There is a small lovely town called “Sirmione” , which is about an hour from Milan, Italy, in which we decided to give a visit before returning to our normal schedules in September. It was such a great place to be. Although it is just a tiny place but it is famous for a lake view, Lake Garda. There were many German speaking residents in that town. No wonder why there are many signs in Italian and German along the streets. We spent our relaxing time there, just walked, ate and shopped. What a wonderful day!

Map of Sirmione, Italy


There is a famous old castle, Castello Scaligero, where the counts used to live in the past. Now it is quite a landmark of this small town. I couldn’t help taking some pictures of it.

Old castle in Sirmione - Castello Scaligero

Little canal near Castle Scaligero


There are many small villas and apartments for rent. I can see why many people want to spend a long vacation here. It really is a peaceful place… enjoying a quiet time and beautiful sight of Lake Garda.

A nice little town - Sirmione, Italy

A villa near Castello Scaligero

A little garden in Sirmione, Italy


Shops, bars and restaurants were many, despite how small the town was… it was so enjoyable to walk around and checked in some shops.  The sun was so bright but we had a breezy wind coming from the lake, it was truly refreshing.

A walking street in Sirmione, Italy

Sirmione, Italy - full of little shops for tourists

shops around Sirmione, Italy

A little tourist train in Sirmione, Italy


Another landmark of Sirmione is “Le Grotte di Catullo”, a ruined palace, used to be a house of a Count of Sirmione. It was quite a big palace in the past. They were lucky to have their place with a lake view.

A ruined palace in Sirmione - Le Grotte di Catullo

A ruined palace in Sirmione - Le Grotte di Catullo

Window of Paradise (a famous sight) in Sirmione, Italy

San Pietro Monument near Sirmione

A view of Lake Garda in Sirmione, Italy


And finally we visited a villa, which was a house of Maria Callas, a famous opera singer. You might have heard about her reputation, her talents… and her affair with Aristotle Onassis. They were involved quite a few years before he left her to marry Jacqueline Kennedy. Callas resided in Sirmione, Italy, toward the end of her life. She had made a really good decision finally!

A sign for a house of Maria Callas - a famous opera singer

House of Maria Callas - a famous opera singer


Hope you all had a great summer holidays… wish you all the best and have a wonderful day.


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