Stavros – a beach town near Thessaloniki

We were searching for a nice beach within 100 km from Thessaloniki and we found some information from the locals that there was a nice beach town not too far the city. “Stavros” is the name of the place. The way to get there is very easy. There is a bus which is leaving every hour from Thessaloniki. The bus station for Stavros is on Eirinis Street 17, which is a smaller terminal. Thessaloniki has a main bus station which located further away. The distance for Stavros is about 70 km, by car it would take around 1 hour. Well…by bus, it stopped at 3-4 small cities along the way, so it took about 90 minutes, which was not too bad. The bus ticket costs 6.40 euro for one way (they don’t sell a round-trip ticket). Tickets can be bought on the bus, paid in cash only.

The bus arrived in the town center, surrounded by restaurants and little shops… very nice place. We could see the beach on the left and right … there were 2 beaches divided by the pier in the middle. Along the beach, there were many chairs and umbrella provided, free of charge! Amazing, isn’t it? You may need to order some drinks for the courtesy of bar owners who took care of the property. We eventually found the area we liked and sat down… it was a gorgeous day! The sun was a bit strong but the breezy wind from the ocean had cooled everything off. It looked very much like a family beach for me. There were so many facilities for children; such as playgrounds, changing rooms, public bathrooms, etc. It was perfect for a day trip… lovely town, wonderful beach, relax day… I would love to go back again and again.

Stavros (Thessalonik) - Ocean Front

Beach at Stavros, 70 km from Thessalonki

Stavros - A Beach town

Stavros - beach area where we were

Greek Freppe - iced coffee served with thick foam-covered milk

Our sitting area in Stavros Beach

Stavros Beach – chairs and umbrellas are provided (free of charge)


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