Day 1 – Thessaloniki, Greece

Day 1 – We have arrived at Thessaloniki, Greece! yes!! what a wonderful city! Our flight from Milan, Italy, took about 90 minutes to reach the destination. The weather right now is so nice and warm… we had a long walk along the water front. There was a famous “White Tower” standing in front of us, a symbolic building of this city. In the evening, there were so many people around there to hang out and have some drinks with friends. It was very lively, I couldn’t believe!

Beside that, this city is full of history… archeological sights, museums, galleries, etc. We plan to visit as much as we can during this week… Right now, we’re staying near Aristolelous Square, a perfect location… close to everything. It makes a lot easier to get around the city. There will be more pictures to come… Hello from Greece, everyone! γειά σου (geiá sou)

White Tower - Thessaloniki, Greece

Electra Palace - near Aristotelous Square

Ocean Front - with a long sidewalk

Aristotelous Square - Thessaloniki, Greece

Aristotelous Square - full of bars, restaurants, places to hang out

A fountain near White Tower - Thessaloniki, Greece


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