Serravalle Outlet, Italy

The final week of Summer Sales is still going strong. I spent a wonderful day at Serravalle Outlet (pronunciation = Say-Rah-Val-Leh) and I really had a great time! We drove from Milan, it took about 75 minutes to reach there… not too bad… considered people were leaving towns for vacation. There are more than 180 stores and about 20 major designer brands present. In every corner, there are places to eat, drink, sit down and refresh. The facilities are quite sufficient to take care of many shoppers. It is the largest outlet Europe… well, it definitely is. If you have a chance to stop by, it is worth a visit… that’s for sure!

We parked our car right in front of Ferrari Showroom. Then we grabbed a map, which is available for free, to see a list of stores and locations… the layout is quite simple and it is connected to each other for the entire place, easy!… There are restaurants, coffee shops and gelateria (ice-cream shops), public restrooms, ATMs, etc. We started to shop from 11am, had lunch around 1pm, and finished our day with gelato from Lindt …almost 4pm. It was great, it was fun… we really enjoyed our day there!

Here you can check for more information.

Serravalle Designer Outlet: Via della Moda, 1. I – 15069 Serravalle Scrivia (AL)

Open : every day, 10am-8pm

Location: Serravalle Outlet - Northern part of Italy

Directions from the highway (Autostrada)

Entrance - Serravalle Outlet

many stores at "Serravalle Outlet"

Designer Stores at "Serravalle Outlet"

Versace - Serravalle Outlet

Salvatore Ferragamo at Serravalle Outlet

Prada - Serravalle Outlet

Dolce&Gabbana - Serravalle Outlet

Roberta Cavalli - Serravalle Outlet

BVLGARI - Serravalle Outlet

Walking around Serravalle Outlet

Vending Cart - selling designer sunglasses

Ferrari Showroom - Serravalle Outlet

Gelato from Lindt - "Lindt" (Swiss Chocolate) store

And what did I buy from the outlet? …here it is 🙂

My new purse 🙂 - Moschino (Cheap and Chic)

Navy blue purse from Moschino (Cheap and Chic) - Love it!!!


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