Twitpic Profile Widget

I have used “Twitpic” quite sometimes, and linked it to my Twitter account… yesterday (August 3rd), I have read some articles about a new gadget, “Twitpic Profile Widget”. It is quite interesting… yet, I have to find a way to work with “WordPress”. Anyways, here is a look to get them on your blog (if you have one and would like this gadget to appear on!)

Here is a link to get Twitpic Widget Code;

I personalized the template and here how it looks… nice, isn’t it?

Question – How do I get this to work with WordPress?…  My Dashboard that has a menu “Widgets” does not support the code I got from Twitpic. If you have any idea how to make it work, please let me know. Thank you 🙂

  1. أحمد said:

    Same here. This widget is not supported by wordpress.

    It worked in Google’s Blogger. I don’t why it’s not supported in wordpress.

    I think it needs someone who understands the codes so they convert into a version compatible with wordpress.

    The same thing happened to me when I tried to add widget in my free wordpress page.

    No body told me how to do even help.

    I played with the codes for a while untill I came up with a compatible version and it worked.

    • Tamabea said:

      Thank you. I did read some comments about that widget and wordpress. They said WordPress did not support JavaScript, which what it was for TwitPic.

    • Tamabea said:

      Thanks, I might write him and ask 🙂

  2. yow said:

    hey,can i just add the photo widget to my twitter homapage itself?how?

    • Tamabea said:

      Hi, unfortunately twitpic profile widget does not work with wordpress… it’s about JavaScript thing… I gave up, sorry.

    • How do you make this work though? I mean using the new settings of WordPress?

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