“Komenn” Thai Restaurant in Milan, Italy

It is not easy to find a nice Thai restaurant here in Milan, Italy. I always look for a wonderful place as I’m going out for dinner with friends and family… authentic & high quality of food is a must — beside that the atmosphere, decorations and services are also necessary parts. I love spices and exotic food… why not? They are wonderful and you can feel great energy, sensing aroma smell from basil, lemon grass, mint leaves, etc. Thai food is marvelous… I can’t get enough of it… although I do love pasta, I can’t deny that Thai rice (Jasmine rice) is one of the best kinds in the world… the texture and taste are unique and nothing can replace it.

Back to our topic, Thai Restaurant in Milan, Italy… here what I found… “Komenn”, Via Lazzaro Papi 5, Milano. It was suggested to me by one of Italian friends who lives around the corner of that street. She fell in love with the services and authenticity of the food… so she gave me the information about that place. I was not disappointed… And I definitely recommend it if you are into ethnic & fully flavors food…

What we ordered;

– Grilled Chicken Saté with peanut sauce

– Spring Rolls

– Green Curry Chicken

– Noodles with Tofu (stirred fried)

– Crispy Chicken with Lemon Sauce

– Jasmine Rice

– Desserts: mixed Thai pastries, tarts, cakes, coconut jelly, pudding.

The services were wonderful. We were given a little orchid flowers to take home at the end… just so lovely!

Grilled Chicken on sticks with Peanut Sauce

Spring Rolls with sweet chili sauce

Green Chicken Curry with a few slices of hot chili peppers and basil

Green Chicken Curry and Jasmine Rice

Jasmine Rice (Thai Rice) - does have a wonderful aroma smell.

Stirred Fried : Noodle (from soy bean) with tofu and cucumbers

Crispy Chicken with Lemon Sauce

Mixed Thai Desserts (came on traditional baskets)

Coconut Jelly & Pudding (served cool & fresh)

Mixed Desserts: tarts, custards, etc.

Komenn - Thai Restaurant, Via Lazzaro Papi 5, Milano

Another View of Komenn, Thai Restaurant (Milan, Italy)

Reception Area of Komenn, Thai Restaurant (Milan, Italy)

  1. Rhonda said:

    Thank you very much for writing about different thai restaurants in Milan! I am American and Thai food is one of my favorites and I can’t find anything close to it where I live, in Ferrara, Italy. The Chinese food has seriously disappointed me as well…I should mention, my husband and I are vegetarian so I want Asian cuisine full of tasty vegetables and tofu!
    Anyway, I had heard there was at least one Thai restaurant in Milan and we are going there tomorrow so I decided to look it up. Your reviews were super helpful! We will go to one of them for sure. I will have to give a report from a vegetarian’s perspective 🙂
    Thanks again!

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