Loving Soaps from “Lush”

Soaps from “Lush” are such great products that I have been using a lot lately. I have known for the brand, “Lush”, for quite a few years… but somehow I didn’t feel like getting into it before. Some of my friends have given me as gifts to try… and now I have to say that Lush Soaps are amazing! There are certain items that I would recommend you to try if you’re into natural & handmade beauty soaps… here they are…

My Top 5 soaps from Lush

(Left to Right) Sea Vegetable, Sexy Peel, Miranda, Rock Star, Honey IWTK

Sea Vegetable : It contains combination scents of lime, lavender and seaweed. The texture is quite interesting, because of it is made from seaweed, it will smooth your skin a bit while you are showering. I think this is a very unique product… I feel like both men and women will enjoy the scents because it is not too girly for men to use! I think it is one of best selling products from Lush.

Sexy Peel : It has combination scents of lemon and lime marmalade… you do feel a bit into exotic fragrance, citrus perfume… very fresh summer kind of soap. I enjoy this scent quite a lot.

Miranda Soap : There are fresh scent of kiwi, orange and  bergamot smell as a combination of ingredients. It is very soothing and relaxing when you use it in the shower…  I am still wondering why it is called “Miranda”… if you know, please leave me a comment below.

Rock Star : A bubble gum scented soap… it is described as a soap that makes you sing in the shower… so I guess the name of “Rock Star” derived that way… fun name, isn’t it?

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap : Caramel and honey scented soap. I have no idea why it added “I washed the Kids” after “Honey”… guess Lush wants to make it more interesting and easy to remember. I love the scent though… very yummy!

…I do enjoy being in the shower for this season… it’s so hot and humid where I live (Milan, Italy)… yes, shower is a must! Thanks goodness for great Lush soap… they are good quality, I totally recommend it 🙂


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