Gift Idea – Trésor by Lancôme

I came across a gift set that has been in the market quite a while. Body lotion and shower gel, Trésor by Lancôme, are wonderful products for whomever in love with the scent of well-known fragrance, Trésor.

Two products are in the set:

1. Body Lotion: Lait pour le Corps

2. Perfumed Shower Gel: Gel Douche Parfumé

First I thought the smell might be strong just like the version of  Eau de Parfum, but I was wrong! The scents of lotion and shower gel are much lighter and sweeter. The quality of body lotion is amazing, easy to absorb into your skin. It does not make you feel sticky at all. Your body will feel hydrated for several hours plus the smell stays fresh for the entire time. Amazing! A shower gel is very foamy. Of course, there is a tint of perfume scent attached to it. It is not too much… surprisingly. It is just appropriate for a fragrance smell. It does leave a bit of moisture to your skin. I do not feel any dryness after washing off, and it is great for the feeling while rinsing with water. Both products still maintain a classic scent of Trésor… a tiny bit of rose, muguet, lilac and fruity apricot. I believer these could be a perfect gift for some women in your life… classy & elegant & timeless… really enjoy them!

Note: Those who lives in Milan, Italy (like me)… you can go visit a “Douglas” store near Piazza Duomo (Corso Vittorio Emmanuele II), there is a discount promotion right now, only 30 euro for both products!

A set (Trésor by Lancôme): Body Lotion and Perfumed Shower Gel

Actual Containers -Trésor: Body Lotion and Perfumed Shower Gel

Body Lotion: Lait pour de Corps

Perfumed Shower Gel: Gel Douche Perfumé


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