Southern France – Wedding Style

I just got back from Southern France… what a great time I had! The wedding of my dear friends was wonderful and beautiful, French elegant style. French country side is one of the amazing places I have been. Wish I would have a chance to go back … for a little vacation sometimes soon.

It started with a civil ceremony one day before and a day after it was a ceremony in the church and reception. We were at the exquisite restaurant with a gorgeous garden, and nice reception hall. All the family of a couple are from everywhere, from Northern Ireland to different parts of France and Switzerland. We enjoyed every minute and every moment with friends and families around Europe… intimate and exclusive… just beautiful!

Bride and Groom after the ceremony at the church

Reception Dinner Hall - French Elegant Style

A wedding favor : placed on the dinner table

Menu : 4 different courses plus a dessert

Flower Garland : beautiful decoration on dining tables

Serrano smoked ham with special cheese from Souther France

Salmon with cream sauce, served with losange de gnocchi

Steak "Magret de canared with éventail sauce

Chariot for a bride and a groom


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