Tinted Moisturizers for Summer

We have selected great products that you would love to try in the category of Tinted Moisturizers. It is recommended that you may not want to pile too much of liquid foundation on your face while the weather is so hot and humid. It could cause the product to melt under the heat and sun… ladies, I am sure you do not want that to happen. Tinted moisturizers are great alternatives if you still want somewhat coverage on your skin. Let’s see what is in for this season.

Bobbi Brown – Tinted Moisturizers, New Formula

It gives medium coverage, light weight. The formulation is very smooth, you will not feel sticky throughout the day. They staying power is quite long. You barely need a touch up during the day, which is great for the summer weather.



Laura Mercier – Tinted Moisturizer

It give a nice and smooth high coverage, yet your face will look very natural. Many ladies give thumps up because of the light weight and heat resistance. The formulation creates a velvet and flawless finish, easy to apply and last very long. It is worth to invest in a good TM, if you plan to wear it throughout the summer.



Smashbox – Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer SPF15

It is quite sheer and very natural looking. You will not feel like you put much of a make-up on your face, which is perfect if you are going for a glowy and healthy look. It does give a tiny bit of luminous shine on your skin. The coverage is medium, great for summer, plus there is SPF 15 protecting you from the sun light.



Dior – Hydraction Deep Hydration Skin Tint SPF 20

The texture of this product is very light and smooth. Many ladies told us that it does even out the skin tone and correct the discoloration on their faces. It also creates a flawless and velvet finish, easy to blend and the package is great for traveling.



Clarins – Rivitalizing Tinted Moisturizer

The formulation is creamy and smooth. It is quite easy to apply, it has very light weight. The product gives a dewy finish look, your skin will glow with natural complexion. The coverage is medium and your skin will be even out. The staying power lasts quite several hours through a hot and humid day.


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