Haute Couture Week

It is a fashion week in Paris for Haute Couture, Fall 2010. We are talking about glamor and exquisite styles. There are many outstanding designs from major houses. Yes, I love seeing exclusive runway shows. Let’s see what is the trend for this season.

1. Symmetrical Prints

Chanel is going strong with symmetrical prints, still maintaining with Coco-like design. Dresses are huge. We still see ruffles and tweed fabric as their signature as always. Karl Lagerfeld is brilliant, he is the man behind Chanel and he always wear sunglasses day and night!



2. Neutral Color Dresses

Armani Privé is presenting us with a lovely neutral and stylish dresses. The whole collection is so wearable and feminine look. I love that they are timeless, you can always pair with all kinds of accessories. That is a big advantage of neutral colors.



3. Red Dresses

Red color is bold, but don’t we love it? Elie Saab‘s Couture collection is amazing. They are full of red dresses and they are gorgeous! We need to have more fun with Red, I love the color. It would brighten up the energy your whole body… let’s wear red today!



4. White Dresses

White color is complementing almost every skin color. It is now Summer, white dress is perfect for the season! Valentino gives a wonderful design… white dresses are very outstanding for this collection. Again, color is timeless. White is wonderful!



5. Little Black Dress – LBD

Yes, ladies… LBD is big for all seasons. You will love to have a sharp style. Black dresses can make your figure look thinner ( in case you are going for it). Jean Paul Gaultier is famous for his edgy design. His collection is full of funky dresses, plus make-up and hair. A pair of black gladiator heels would go wonderfully with edgy black dress.  Let’s have fun with our creativity for LBD, shall we?


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