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“Naked Eye” Palette by Too Faced is described as Soft and Sexy Eye Shadow Collection. This is one of the palettes that you can create all kinds of different looks… so versatile, good value for money in my opinions. The palette itself is very light weight, it is quite convenient for travelling if you want to bring with you somewhere. I love the Too Faced always comes out with neutral and wearable colors… the products are very pigmented and you don’t need to pile on too much for your lids. Another piece of quality primer that you might consider to pick up is Too Faced Shadow Insurance (Eye Primer), it’d be perfect to use with these eye shadows.

Let’s have a look for “Naked Eye” Palette;

These are shades that are divided, according to the look suggested in the palette;

DAY: In The Buff (matte ivory), Pillow Talk (light taupe sheen), Like A Virgin (matte taupe),

CLASSIC: Birthday Suit (beige shimmer), Satin Sheets (golden champagne shimmer), Unmentionables (steel gray shimmer),

FASHION: Pink Cheeks (pale pink), Lap Dance (silvery taupe shimmer), and Stiletto (matte black).

Size: 3 x 0.07 oz eye shadows/ 6 x 0.03 oz eyeshadows

3 Shades (0.07oz) : In the Buff, Birthday Suit, Pink Cheeks

6 Shades (0.03oz)



The palette also come the 2 application tools in 1 handle : a smudge brush and an angle brush

2 Application tools that come with "Naked Eye" Palette



There is a card given with this palette, the ways to create different looks … you may follow as you like.

Ways to create different looks from "Naked Eye" Palette

Hope you will enjoy it if you plan to own one… different looks – soft and sexy eye shadows… gotta love it!


Let’s share some beauty talk… I’m very much in love with my MAC lipsticks lately. There is something about it, a nice feeling and finish look,I guess… There are 5 of them that I alternately use in every day make-up. Each one has a unique color and could create different kind of looks, depends on what kind of make-up style I’m going for. Let’s see what they are.

(Left-Right) Viva Glam Gaga, Viva Glam V, Craving, Faux, Creme d'Nude

(Swatches- left to Right) VG Gaga, VG V, Craving, Faux, Creme d'Nude



1. Viva Glam Gaga (Luster) : It is so Lady Gaga, the color is baby pink with a slight shimmer. It looks like there is a icy blue tint into it, but you wouldn’t notice directly. The texture is sheer to medium, you can build the color on your lips. It does go very smoothly because the luster texture is quite creamy. You will see a bit of shimmer (not glitters) on your lips, could be worn for day or evening look.

MAC Lipstick - Viva Glam Gaga (Luster Finish)



2. Viva Glam V (Luster) : It is a very neutral color. I would describe it as light brown & nude color. There is a slight shimmer and luster finish. It is more like an everyday lipstick that I can easily put on. The color is beautiful and it is creamy so it does not dry on your lips. The texture is not too sheer, sort of medium coverage. I personally think it is fit for almost every skin tone.

MAC Lipstick - Viva Glam V (Luster Finish)



3. Craving (Amplified Creme) : This is a bit of dark red but it is not too scary as you see on the tube. I just think it is perfect for an evening look it you want to intensify the color on your lips. It is also wonderful for Fall/Winter season because of the darker color. I found that it really brighten up my complexion (I’m NC 30 on MAC foundation). My face would look more pink & fresh. Sometimes I can just dab a little bit on to give a red tint and it is perfect. The staying power is very long because of amplified creme finish. I just love it.

MAC Lipstick - Craving (Amplified Creme)



4. Faux (Satin Finish) : First of all, the color is so beautiful and wearable. I would describe is as a mauve rose & light pink. The finish is satin, but it is almost like matte look. The formulation is smooth, a bit thick and creamy, because of these I found that the staying power lasts very long. This is another color for everyday look and every skin tone. It just gives a soft natural color when you put on. I would recommend to all my lady friends.

MAC Lipstick : Faux (Satin Finish)



5. Creme d’Nude (Cremesheen Finish) : This is a lovely nude & neutral color. I found it very sexy, very Kim Kardashian nude lips look. Even though it is more suitable for light/fair skin tone, ladies with darker skin could mix with peachy lip gloss and you can pull off this look also. The reason that I said this because a too light nude lipstick on darker skin could make a person look like a dead corp. It sounds funny, but it is true. I have seen it. The quick fix in my opinion is “lip gloss”, don’t be afraid to mix with lipstick, you can create different colors that suit you easily.

MAC Lipstick - Creme d'Nude (Cremesheen Finish)



Hope you enjoy seeing my favorite MAC lipsticks. I do like many other brands also… but as I said, lately I’m so much in love with these 5. They are just wonderful 🙂

Creating Trends for Summer (going to Fall) is really fun! I love to see different styles on street fashion… normal women just like you and me could be wearing all those trends already… what we see around us today could bring a new trend setting for this coming season. Let us see what is in for this moment!

1. Belted with Bold Colors: Belted dress is everywhere… and now we are seeing bold colors on belts! It is fun, it is interesting. You can mix and match with all kinds colors. And yes!, you can find those belts everywhere at every price… chose for your own preferences. Let’s have fun with it.



2. White Capris : Capri pants are really comfortable. I love capris because I don’t worry about dragging my pants on the floor, getting dirts on the rims like normal pants. It is so appropriate to wear on any casual days… well, you can dress it up and go out at night too. White color is so easy to mix and match with your tops. They look bright and classy… staple pieces for your wardrobe!



3. Ruffles: Whether they are on skirts or dress, ruffles are really in. They can hide your access weight on your stomach… just look for the right color for you. Not to mention how comfortable they are, ruffles make you look relaxed and fun. They could be worn for day or night events. Love them!



4. One-Shoulder Dresses: They are very chic, trendy and flirty. One-shoulder dress is another staple pieces that you may want to have in your closet. I like it that it does keep your cleavage inside but your still show a bit of skin out there. It will make you look dressy in a sudden, whether you want to wear during the day or evening.

I came across a gift set that has been in the market quite a while. Body lotion and shower gel, Trésor by Lancôme, are wonderful products for whomever in love with the scent of well-known fragrance, Trésor.

Two products are in the set:

1. Body Lotion: Lait pour le Corps

2. Perfumed Shower Gel: Gel Douche Parfumé

First I thought the smell might be strong just like the version of  Eau de Parfum, but I was wrong! The scents of lotion and shower gel are much lighter and sweeter. The quality of body lotion is amazing, easy to absorb into your skin. It does not make you feel sticky at all. Your body will feel hydrated for several hours plus the smell stays fresh for the entire time. Amazing! A shower gel is very foamy. Of course, there is a tint of perfume scent attached to it. It is not too much… surprisingly. It is just appropriate for a fragrance smell. It does leave a bit of moisture to your skin. I do not feel any dryness after washing off, and it is great for the feeling while rinsing with water. Both products still maintain a classic scent of TrĂ©sor… a tiny bit of rose, muguet, lilac and fruity apricot. I believer these could be a perfect gift for some women in your life… classy & elegant & timeless… really enjoy them!

Note: Those who lives in Milan, Italy (like me)… you can go visit a “Douglas” store near Piazza Duomo (Corso Vittorio Emmanuele II), there is a discount promotion right now, only 30 euro for both products!

A set (Trésor by Lancôme): Body Lotion and Perfumed Shower Gel

Actual Containers -Trésor: Body Lotion and Perfumed Shower Gel

Body Lotion: Lait pour de Corps

Perfumed Shower Gel: Gel Douche Perfumé

Finally it is here! A gorgeous eye shadow palette from Urban Decay “Naked” has arrived at Sephora. I had been waiting quite bit, listening to other beauty gurus and speculations and I was not disappointed. The combination of eye shadows is so timeless. You can create many different looks throughout the season, not just only Summer where we are right now. There are 7 shades that already on a permanent line at Urban Decay and there are 5 brand new shades included in this palette. Let’s have a look.

Urban Decay "Naked" Palette

12 Shades of Eye Shadow

1. Virgin – light mauve cream & light rose  (New Shade)

2. Sin – shimmer champagne & light rose

3. Naked – matte light brown

4. Sidecar – shimmer brown and mauve rose

5. Buck – matte darker brown (New Shade)

6. Half Baked – shimmer gold & vanilla

7. Smog – shimmer brown with slight bronze

8. Darkhorse – shimmer grey with medium bronze (New Shade)

9. Toasted – shimmer rose with slight brown

10. Hustle – shimmer bronze with slight plum (New Shade)

11. Creep – shimmer grey and blue (New Shade)

12. Gunmetal – shimmer light grey and light blue



The palette also came with eye pencils, 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils with 2 colors: Zero(black) and Whisky (dark brown). They are famous for long lasting and stay-in-place eye pencil. The texture is smooth just like the name, glide on, very creamy and easy to apply around eye area.



Finally, the completion is set with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This product is one of the best eye primers that I have seen on the market. It keeps your shadow stay on for the whole day/night, no creasing, and give you a fresh eye look for the entire day, hands down for this primer!

Hope you’ll have a chance to check it out! Good value for money and quality… highly recommended 🙂

I just got back from Southern France… what a great time I had! The wedding of my dear friends was wonderful and beautiful, French elegant style. French country side is one of the amazing places I have been. Wish I would have a chance to go back … for a little vacation sometimes soon.

It started with a civil ceremony one day before and a day after it was a ceremony in the church and reception. We were at the exquisite restaurant with a gorgeous garden, and nice reception hall. All the family of a couple are from everywhere, from Northern Ireland to different parts of France and Switzerland. We enjoyed every minute and every moment with friends and families around Europe… intimate and exclusive… just beautiful!

Bride and Groom after the ceremony at the church

Reception Dinner Hall - French Elegant Style

A wedding favor : placed on the dinner table

Menu : 4 different courses plus a dessert

Flower Garland : beautiful decoration on dining tables

Serrano smoked ham with special cheese from Souther France

Salmon with cream sauce, served with losange de gnocchi

Steak "Magret de canared with Ă©ventail sauce

Chariot for a bride and a groom

We have selected great products that you would love to try in the category of Tinted Moisturizers. It is recommended that you may not want to pile too much of liquid foundation on your face while the weather is so hot and humid. It could cause the product to melt under the heat and sun… ladies, I am sure you do not want that to happen. Tinted moisturizers are great alternatives if you still want somewhat coverage on your skin. Let’s see what is in for this season.

Bobbi Brown – Tinted Moisturizers, New Formula

It gives medium coverage, light weight. The formulation is very smooth, you will not feel sticky throughout the day. They staying power is quite long. You barely need a touch up during the day, which is great for the summer weather.



Laura Mercier – Tinted Moisturizer

It give a nice and smooth high coverage, yet your face will look very natural. Many ladies give thumps up because of the light weight and heat resistance. The formulation creates a velvet and flawless finish, easy to apply and last very long. It is worth to invest in a good TM, if you plan to wear it throughout the summer.



Smashbox – Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer SPF15

It is quite sheer and very natural looking. You will not feel like you put much of a make-up on your face, which is perfect if you are going for a glowy and healthy look. It does give a tiny bit of luminous shine on your skin. The coverage is medium, great for summer, plus there is SPF 15 protecting you from the sun light.



Dior – Hydraction Deep Hydration Skin Tint SPF 20

The texture of this product is very light and smooth. Many ladies told us that it does even out the skin tone and correct the discoloration on their faces. It also creates a flawless and velvet finish, easy to blend and the package is great for traveling.



Clarins – Rivitalizing Tinted Moisturizer

The formulation is creamy and smooth. It is quite easy to apply, it has very light weight. The product gives a dewy finish look, your skin will glow with natural complexion. The coverage is medium and your skin will be even out. The staying power lasts quite several hours through a hot and humid day.